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Sham Romance @ Chalton Gallery, Oct 25 – 29

24 October 2016

The Sham Romance group exhibition is on at London’s Chalton Gallery, opening October 25 and running to October 29.

Picking apart the multiplicity of romance, the show features work and performances by  Mariana Echeverri, Pennie Koliopoulou, Ulijona Odišarija, Hannah Regel, Joe Ridgeon, Victoria Sin, Madeleine Stack, Puck Verkade and Ruth Waters.

“What do we allow to penetrate us when dealing with love, loss and attraction? How do we play along with social norms and dynamics and do we still fetishise them once they’ve been brought to light?”

The opening night will also host performances by Harry Bix, Sarah Boulton and Soohyun Choi. There will be an evening of screenings on October 29, featuring ‘Pennie’ by Lola Clavo, ‘Pix’ by Antonio da Silva, ‘If You Did Not Exist’ by Theo Turpin, ‘Prosopagnosia’ by Katie Hare.

See the Chalton Gallery website for details.**



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AUX @ Chalton Gallery, Oct 12-15

11 October 2016

Group exhibition AUX will be on at London’s Chalton Gallery opening October 13 and running to October 15.

The show features work by Victoria AdamRichard LockettIsabel Mallet and Christian Tonner. The press release reveals little information about what to expect, including only a definition of the word auxiliary: “providing supplementary or additional help and support.” A word that could conjure up a multiplicity of meaning, from emergency to back-up, reserving or aiding. Perhaps the works will come together and act as support structures for one another.

Adam’s practice explores contemporary anxieties in the domestic space, Lockett abstract drawings, sculptures and paintings explores ‘rhythmic deconstruction’, Mallet’s practice spans across a variety of media using text, image, noise, objects and sculpture to bring  to life what’s frozen and Tonner describes his work as “a flat reality of goods and the frozen bliss of an exhibiting moment.”

Visit the Chalton Gallery webpage for more details.**

Victoria Adam, 'Luna (probiotic met and met)', (2016). Courtesy the artist + Zabludowicz Collection. Photo: Tim Bowditch
Victoria Adam, ‘Luna (probiotic met and met)’, (2016). Courtesy the artist + Zabludowicz Collection. Photo: Tim Bowditch




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Cave With a View @ Chalton Gallery, Aug 24 – 28

23 August 2016

The Cave With a View group exhibition is on at London’s Chalton Gallery, opening August 24 and running to the 28.

Curated by Will Davie and Anaïs Lerendu, the show will feature work by artists Jonathon HaydockMiguel Miceli and Andy Nizinskyj whose practices examine the intersection of the digital world and physical reality, and the ever-increasing significance it has on material transformations. In blurring these spaces, each artist creates their own version of an existential void; the press release describes their attempt at breaking down information to “truly address the way digital information is decontextualizing physical elements of everyday life.”

Through a narrative of archeology, fiction and digital landscapes, the works involve the viewer to also “encounter unexplored yet familiar environments”.

Visit the Chalton Gallery website for details.**

Andy Nizinskyj, 'Everything is Bright' (2016). HD Video still. Courtesy of the artist + Chalton Gallery, London.
Andy Nizinskyj, ‘Everything is Bright’ (2016). HD Video still. Courtesy of the artist + Chalton Gallery, London.
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Rhythm and Disappointment launch @ Chalton Gallery, Jul 31

29 July 2016

East Anglia Records is launching a new compilation, Rhythm and Disappointment at London’s Chalton Gallery on July 31.

The album, featuring Benedict Drew, Ziad Nagy, Katarzyna Perlak, and Ruth Waters, among others, will become available for download on the night at the East Anglia Records bandcamp. There will also be performances at the gallery by Leo Nibz, Madeleine Stack, Nadja Voorham and Mark William Lewis in rooms designed by Fred Duffield and Ulijona Odišarija.

The music label and self-proclaimed ‘originator’ of the term ‘Rhythm & Disappointment’ (R&D), founded by artist Harry Bix, began as a series of music performance nights at Slade School of Art in 2015. The project, revolving around the notion of “wanting more and giving up”, has since put on a number of other events and released a handful of compilations, including one in parallel with the NO SCREENING performance at London’s ICA in collaboration with with artist Cristine Brache and SOUNDS LIKE.

See the FB event page for details.**

Harry Bix. Courtesy East Anglia Records.
Harry Bix. Courtesy East Anglia Records, London.
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Autocorrect Ruined my Life @ Chalton Gallery, Jul 13

11 July 2016

MA/MFA Slade Fine Art Media Presents group exhibition, Autocorrect Ruined my Life is on at London’s Chalton Gallery, opening July 13.

Featuring the work of current Slade School post-graduates, Hazel Brill, Jessica Bryant, Rosie Carr, Eom Jeongwon, Yorkson and Ziad Nagy amongst others, and opening its press release with “Siri? Siri? Seriously?” the show intends to lean on the “theatrical and the synthetic”, presenting works and moods that are characterised by a “drastic oversatement [sic] of an underwhelming narrative, played out for you via the mediums of performance, sculpture and screen based works”.

Autocorrect Ruined my Life seems to follow a particularly active and self-organised period of time for the degree course at the London art school. Also involved and showing in the group are Georgia Lucas-Going, Natalie Kynigopoulou, Francisca Aires Mateus, Michela De Nichilo, Katarzyna Perlak, Jamesthian Rollo and Adam Wozniak.

See the FB page for further details.

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