3D animation

Cityscape 2095

9 March 2012

Cityscape 2095 was firstly presented at last year’s Mapping festival of Geneva and because we weren’t there … we missed it! But Belgian artist Legoman (Yannick Jacquet) recently uploaded to his vimeo page the stunning installation he created with Swiss illustrator Marc Ferrario (Mandril) and sound technician Thomas Vaquie.

view of Cityscape2095 (photo by Legoman)
view of Cityscape2095 (photo by Legoman)

This futuristic and overwhelming visually “contaminated” imaginary city results from the collaboration of these 3 indivuduals (2 of them working for the well-known visual label Antivj). Though using different techniques of expression, both artists’ work is heavily influenced by architecture.

A rather romantic & very BDesque installation (which comes to perfectly concentrate the Belgian & Swiss graphic style) used a mix of drawings, videoprojections and sound, showing the passing of a day in fast-forward. Cityscape 2095 puts the spectator at the summit of a tower facing the horizon. Maybe our ideal city will be like this one day…

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