Berlin Biennale 2016 fringe events

4 June 2016

The 9th Berlin Biennale is on in the German capital, running June 4 to September 18, and while the programme, curated by DIS and titled ‘The Present in Drag’, is more than enough to keep visitors occupied, there are several exhibitions and performances open this week and still on to view outside the main event.

Some highlights include the Welt Am Draht (trans. World on a Wire) group exhibition, featuring the likes of Nëil Beloufa, Hannah Black, Ian Cheng, Loretta Fahrenholz and Frances Stark among others, R.Lord at The Composing Rooms, Michael Mandiberg at Import Projects and more.

See our exhaustive official BB9 programme recommendations and other fringe events below:


Easter @ Volksbühne, Jun 5

Lafawndah @ Kantine am Berghain, Jun 10

Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair, Jun 10 – 12


Welt Am Draht @ Julia Stoschek Collection, Jun 2 – Sept 18

Lutz Braun + Isabelle Fein @ Center, Jun 2 – Jun 26

Flora Powers portable exhibition, Jun 2 – 4

Nick Jeffrey @ HORSEANDPONY, Jun 4 – Jul 3

Michael Mandiberg + DiMoDA @ Import Projects, May 28 – Jul 2

R.Lord @ The Composing Rooms, May 28 – Jul 16

unexpected others @ L’Atelier-ksr, May 20 – Jul 16

Peles Empire @ WENTRUP, Apr 29 – Jun 16

Hiwa K + Tobias Zielony @ KOW, Apr 29 – Jun 30

Rachel Harrison @ Kraupa Tuskany-Zeidler, Apr 29 – Jun 25

Richard Phillips @ Matthew Gallery, Apr 29 – Jun 11

Aleksandra Domanović @ Tanya Leighton, Apr 29 – Jun 25

Kate Steciw + Colette  Lumiere @ Neumeister Bar-Am, Apr 29 – Jun 25

Leon Eisermann @ GILLMEIER RECH, Apr 29 – Jun 11

David Horvitz @ Chert (Ritterstr. 2a), Apr 29 – Jun 11

The Cable Guys II group show @ Future Gallery, Apr 28 – Jun 11**

 Loretta Fahrenholz, 'My Throat, My Air' (2013). Video still. Courtesy artist.
Loretta Fahrenholz, ‘My Throat, My Air’ (2013). Video still. Courtesy artist.


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Open Source 2016, May 28 – 29

27 May 2016

Open Source 2016 contemporary art festival is on at Londons’ Gillett Square in Dalston, running May 28 to 29.

The free weekend event and artist-run initiative brings together the art world private view into the public space with a series of screenings, live performances and installations from the likes of Larry Achiampong, Cory Arcangel, Benedict Drew, Joey Holder, Hannah Black, and Rachel Maclean, among others.

Organised by Emily Butler, Christine Eyene, Helen Nisbet, Joe Fletcher Orr & Doug Bowen, Richard H M Parry and Amy Sherlock, the theme this year follows “subcultures, identity, fluidity and self-determination” and will also include an immersive video game, ice cream, drones, VJ and DJ sets, street posters, experimental hair salon, and more.

See the Open Source website for details.**

Larry Achiampong performing at All Of Us Have A Sense Of Rhythm: An Evening of Live Music at DRAF, 2015. Photo: Dan Weill
Larry Achiampong @ All Of Us Have A Sense Of Rhythm: An Evening of Live Music (2015). Performance view. Photo by Dan Weill. Courtesy DRAF, London.
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GRANPALAZZO 2016, May 28 – 29

26 May 2016

Independent international art fair GRANPALAZZO 2016 is on in at Zagarolo’s Palazzo Pallavicini-Rospigliosi, running May 28 to 29.

Now in its second year running, the fair is showing 28 artists represented by 28 galleries in the Italian town, situated outside of a major city centre and the global art circuit. Rather than presenting booths, artists from Belgium, Canada, France, Britain, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland and the United States will show their work in dialogue with the  17th century Borghese palace to, as the press release states, “create a succession of poetic visions, styles, research”.

Some artists worth a mention include Anna BarhamBrian KokoskaPiotr ŁakomyDaniele Milvio, Hamish Fulton and Maryam Jafri, represented by Arcade, ValentinAntoine Levi, Hester, Espaivisor and Laveronica, respectively.

The weekend programme will also feature a range of live initiatives including performances, educational workshops and a bookshop, as well as a special project by Gabriele De Santis and a presentation of GIFs from smART – polo per l’arte‘s Stop and Go exhibition including Lorna Mills and Carla Gannis, among others.

See the GRANPALAZZO website for details.**

Header image: Brian Kokoska, PoisonIV (2015). Installation view. Photo by Sylvie Chan Liat. Installation view. Courtesy Galerie Valentin, Paris.

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A glimpse of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016

9 May 2016

It’s easy to spot the Gallery Weekenders —they’re dressed mainly in black, brandishing the programme’s teal coloured fold-out map and trapped anxiously in the car park of a residential block because the space they seek, but can’t find, is actually a floor above them through a small unmarked door to the left. It’s a great way to meet people.

This year’s edition of Gallery Weekend Berlin, running April 29 to May 1, includes an impressive 54 official galleries, 17 private collections and museums, and a stream of satellite programmes spanning installation, intervention, performance and exhibitions across the city. Thank goodness the map also highlights partner gastro centric businesses to keep our energy levels up throughout the weekend.

First stop on AQNB weekend is Potsdammer Strasse where Arratia, Beer invites you on a journey of self exploration with British artist Ed Fornieles and his exhibition Der Geist: Flesh Feast. The artist is protagonist in the film of the same name, present in the shape of his recurrent animated fox avatar. We sit on low orange plastic lounge chairs and listen to a woman’s voice tell us how to successfully create ourselves, while images move across the screen like flashes of memory or components of personality.  The fox (artist) cuts in after a few minutes to talk about coping with life and the spiritual routine he is trying out. Fornieles calls it his diet —controlling input to control output —and discusses food consumption and processing. It’s part of the revival of spiritual manifestation and empowerment —or Harvard Business Review —but it is his website which offers the most insight into the project. The film was a highlight, but other works include small 3D-printed models of the fox in various corporate/ every-day environments with banal affirmations emblazoned on the base and illuminated in glass cabinets, plus ‘Last Days in the Desert’, a large food cart full of fresh vegetables laid out into playful humanoid shapes.

Aleksandra Domanović , Bulls Without Horns (2016). Installation view. Courtesy Tanya Leighton, Berlin.
Aleksandra Domanović , Bulls Without Horns (2016). Installation view. Courtesy Tanya Leighton, Berlin.

Around the corner at Tanya Leighton Buri’ and ‘Spotigy’, two bulls, stare back at us from two-meter tall chromogenic prints in Aleksandra Domanovićs installation. These documentary photos were taken on site at the University of California, Davis, where two bulls have been genetically modified to remove their horns using CRISPR technology. The most interesting part of the show is the accompanying interview with animal geneticist Alison L. Van Eenennaam. In the text we learn more about the genetic tools used to manipulate DNA and the extensive research currently happening there. The artist also tells us that part of her interest in the project is due to the main scientists on the project being female. The Votive series of three sculptures are human height cuboid structures made from variations on PA plastic, foam and polyurethane. The structures have protruding human arms, which cradle an animal. 

Micky Schubert gallery on Genthiner Strasse offer a sensual selection of works by Berlin-based artist Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili. I’m drawn instantly to the abstracted neon hues and layered pastels in the photographer’s images which keep my attention with occasional recognisable forms: a leg here, an iPhone there. Working at the intersection of digital and analogue, Alexi-Meskhishvili creates a world of suggestion and mystery, almost to abstraction, alluding to a deeper narrative with the figurative and personal interactions with objects. Her works are constructed with painterly attention to surface and process whether using a found image, or staged photographs, and the colour saturation is reflective of the oversaturated climate.

Petra Cortright, die Rose (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Société, Berlin.
Petra Cortright, die Rose (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Société, Berlin.

Upstairs Société present LA-based artist Petra Cortright with her deconstructive/reconstructive installation die Rose. The show includes two recent examples of her ongoing webcam collaboration with Stella McCartney, in which the artist wears the fashion designer’s items as the video is filtered through distortion software. Sporting a floral handbag, Cortright moves around the screen to switch on the process, first imitating a pictorial slider game, and then pulsing in linear waves to a background of loud electronic music. Her digital paintings and printed flags, all constructed from the same PhotoShop file, stand strong in another room, depicting abstracted floral layered surfaces, created using various in-built and self made PhotoShop brushes.

Stepping in to Alice Channer’s installation at Konrad Fischer Gallery there’s a warning that one does so at their own risk; the polished concrete gallery floor is covered in an inch-thick layer of tiny black plastic pellets! My smooth-soled brothel creepers are highly inappropriate for this endeavour, however as I awkwardly glide over to the table to collect the exhibition text, it says that the pellets are Polyester Regrind, continuing the artist’s interest in materials, matter, and waste product. And the audience loves it. Elongated rock formations, ‘Burial’, float in the sea of black plastic, cast from aluminium bronze, concrete and corten steel, which are formed in layers resembling topographical survey maps. There is a feeling of movement, and flow, an alchemy and history of material that connects all of Channer’s works. Her more delicate circular molecular drawings in gouache hang at varying heights in both the upstairs and downstairs gallery, with names like ‘Filter’, ‘Inhaler’, and ‘Membrane’. The gouache is mixed with Silk Cut cigarette ash.

This selection of work from GWB is very process-driven, with artists shifting between producer and consumer in a sometimes playful and engaging way. My only wonder is when an artist points at something, where does the audience live in relation to the work — are we participating in something, or are we observing a show and tell?**

Gallery Weekend Berlin was on in venues across the German city, running April 29 to May 1, 2016.

Header image: Aleksandra Domanović, Bulls Without Horns (2016). Courtesy Tanya Leighton, Berlin.


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Material Art Fair 2016, Feb 4 – 7

1 February 2016

The third edition of Material Art Fair is taking place at Expo Reforma in the Juarez neighbourhood of Mexico City from February 4 to 7.

Over 60 spaces from across the world have been invited to exhibit by this year’s selection committee, which include curators Willy Katz and Attilia Fattori Franchini. 

The fair’s 2016 public programme has now been announced, titled: ‘Open Call’. Instead of working towards a theme and asking for response, ‘Open Call’ – a little like the organisers of concurrent event, Transmediale/ conversationpiece decision to run it around discussions and no concrete theme – asks participants of the fair to offer work around the work, conversations around the booths.

Exhibitors to look out for in particular include:

Lodos Gallery, SPF15Et Al.Yves Scherer with Jose Garcia, Exo Exo,  Kimberly KlarkLa Plage, Anna Sophie Berger at New Galerie, Parallel Oaxaca,  Queer Thoughts, Smart Objects , Spinello Projects, XPOBuenos Tiempos Int., whose most recent online show by Juliana Huxtable ends on Feburary 3, Cactus, who are showing Candice Jacobs, and Proyectos Monclova.

Events and performance highlights from:

Opening TimesAmerican Medium, Mexico City’s Bikini Wax Gallery, Buenos Tiempos Int., SPF15 whose director, Morgan Mandalay will talk with artist Chelsea Culprit and Lodos Gallery.

Taking place around the fair itself is a show by Korakrit Arunanondchai, also at Lodos, Index Art Book Fair at Museo Jumex, and Garrett Nelson’s Cruising Objects of Agency at Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro, which we’ve reviewed here.

See the Material Art Fair website for the full programme. **

Yves Scherer, Where is the love (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Exo, Paris.
Yves Scherer, ‘Where is the love’ (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Exo, Paris.






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