Physical Therapy presents… Kirk the Flirt & Peter Pressure – ‘Teddy Bear’

23 September 2015

Producer Physical Therapy is releasing a new digital album by DJs and “NJ-garage devotees” Kirk the Flirt & Peter Pressure through Vancouver-based label 1080p on October 23.

Discovered by Physical Therapy at Club One West in Englewood, New Jersey the collection of eight unreleased tracks are described as “swinging garage, strange house and distinct disco sound” reflecting “the warmth and weirdness of their long-standing relationship”.

You can listen to the first tracks, ‘Teddy Bear’ below.

See 1080p page for details.**

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/224154070″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”300″ iframe=”true” /]

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Dialect, ‘Perfume Creek’ video

18 August 2015

Dialect (aka Andrew PM Hunt) is releasing a new cassette and digital album titled Gowanus Drifts on Vancouver-based label 1080pAugust 28. Inspired by Brooklyn, the New York-via-Liverpool-based artist premieres this video for the track ‘Perfume Creek’ by Thom Isom on aqnb below.

“Ikea stores next to huge burnt out shipping warehouses, squats next to Whole Foods, Artisan flower shops with dead dogs outside”, reads the press release, about the inspiration behind Gowanus Drifts, recorded in the post-industrial suburb of Brooklyn’s Red Hook that reminds the artist of the shipyards of the UK’s Liverpool: “Litter on the breeze and foghorns blowing across the water. Sirens, porn stores, storage, prisons, dogs barking, carparks, fast food, highways, burnt out massage parlors, old tires, wire fences, empty buildings, bus depots, raw sewage flowing.” It’s the type of area that share signifiers across capital cities and a sound that seeks solace in the music of the earth.

In a space where a person is necessarily exposed to all sounds, by nature or by culture, every echo of the field sounds through the soundtrack of ‘Perfume Creek’; human-made melody heard from a distance, buried, muffled and muted under the moving soil and debris of Isom’s visuals.

In the rest of Gowanus Drifts these sonic spaces echo an environment concealed from the sunny side of the city in dirt, rubbish and abandoned heavy materials. In the image of the space, it is dusty, rusty and un-pleasurable territory. In its sound, it is something else entirely. ‘Ghost of Red Hook’, for example, shows how this melody and rhythm touches and penetrates the surface of the rough and the dry, like a dusty breeze over sand. It’s part of a full album that plays and plunges along that surface, one that’s blissfully uneven with every imaginable bit of matter; a careless space that murmurs within its main melody.

‘Perfume Creek’ is the graceful sound of alienation. It’s the pure rhythm of an area, and the wavelength of the world that closed ears couldn’t capture; the mixed up melody of a particular part of the world, organic and inorganic, neither separate nor the same. **

Dialect’s Gowanus Drifts is out on 1080P, August 28, 2015.

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Abstract Mutation, ‘Remote Admin’ mix

26 August 2013

An hour+ long mix from Australian-based New Zealander Abstract Mutation. Also known as Spelunks@soakingwet and label owner James Grant of Vinyl on Tapes, there’s a sense of the loaded dilettante to his oeuvre, hence the sleepless 6am comedown of this up all night mix. Innocuously titled Remote Admin and accompanied by visuals echoing the dull glare of a stairwell from any global central business district, Grant’s is the muffled cry of artists everywhere.

Because, with the likes of Katy Perry taking on the gaudy Tumblr aesethtic of chrome finish text and thrift store style for her latest album ROAR, it’s only natural no one else would want to do that anymore. Hence, keeping up the corporate aesthetic in a futile attempt to fend off the creep of Capital before it doubtless catches up, completing some weird loop as a painful reminder that product is the universal language.

Abstract Mutation’s Fake Keygen is out on 1080P tomorrow, August 27. You can listen and download his mix below. **

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Abstract Mutation ‘Fake Keygen’ out Aug 27

19 August 2013

It seems that Australia, as in most things, is largely ignored when it comes to its post-net tunes, even though its distance alone ensures a heavy reliance on fibre optic cables for access to the outer world, as well as being conducive to some interesting cultural cringe-cajoled creative mutations. One such anomaly is Aus-based, New Zealand expat James Grant (aka Spelunks, aka @soakingwet) who announces a debut from his most recent WWW project, Abstract Mutation, with a release coming out on 1080P, August 27.

The producer also runs Melbourne-via-Christchurch label Vinyl on Tapes and is well worth a listen as deep as its dubbed out hardcore with its raver motion on tracks apparently based around those key contemporary issues of “surveillance, technology and human interfacing”. Generation luck-Y.

See the Fake Keygen website for some sparing Vocaloid details. **


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