Appearing + reappearing in Emilie Pitoiset’s The Vanishing Lady window display at KLEMM’S, Mar 11 – Apr 22

9 March 2017

Emilie Pitoiset is presenting solo exhibition The Vanishing Lady at Berlin’s KLEMM’S, opening March 11 and running to April 22.

The Paris-based artist works across media to create ‘uncanny scenarios’ and ‘surrealist visuals’ that play a part in an ongoing narrative unfolding through a series of exhibitions and fictional characters. For this show, Pitoiset’s work will revolve around author of The Wizard of Oz Frank Lyman’s “most famous magic trick & window-display.”

The exhibition also includes a text by Pierre-Alexandre Matéos and Charles Teyssou, excerpted below:

“A model of bones and flesh is appearing and reappearing with constantly renewed outfits in a window’s display. Bound. Generate disruption, displacements and attract the eyes, push the on-looker to look again. Look again. Window-dresser is an art, not a fallacious art.”

See the KLEMM’S website for details.**

Emilie Pitoiset, ‘Strike a Pose,’ (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Klemm’s gallery, Berlin.
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“Retain, resist and recondition”: sidony o’neal presents Counting Devices at patapdx, Mar 10 – Apr 15

9 March 2017

sidony o’neal is presenting Counting Devices at The Portland ‘Pataphysical Society (@patapdx), opening March 10 and running to April 15.

Curated by Ashley Stull Meyers, the solo exhibition presents new sculptural work and ‘image-inducing poetics’ to explore the boundaries between language and objects. With a focus on surface and texture, the Portland-based writer, performance artist and dramaturg works across disciplines such as text, installation, sound and textiles to consider ways to “retain, resist, and recondition” the artifact.

The show is part of a larger series that invites guest curators to put on exhibitions at the space over the forthcoming year.

See The Portland ‘Pataphysical Society website for details.**

sidony o’neal. ‘Counting Devices’, (2017). Courtesy the artist + The Portland ‘Pataphysical Society.



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A devotion to the night in Nocturnal City: The State of London ClubLife at Somerset House, Mar 11

8 March 2017

The first edition of Nocturnal City: The State of London ClubLife is on at London’s Somerset House Studios, March 11.

Curated by Studio resident Estela Oliva, the event will look at the relationship between London and Berlin nightlife and is part of a larger series that explores “the state of London’s nightlife and its influence in pushing the boundaries of culture.”

The evening will be host to a panel talk featuring Czar Amy Lamé in conversation with Clubcommission as well as installations and performances by musicians Laurel Halo and Beatrice Dillon and artists Lawrence Lek and LaTurbo Avedon.

See the Somerset House website for details.**

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Manipulation + contradiction in Yuri Pattison’s Citizens of Nowhere at Kevin Space, Mar 10 – Apr 23

8 March 2017

Yuri Pattison is presenting solo exhibition Citizens of Nowhere at Vienna’s Kevin Space, opening March 10 and running to April 23.

Curated by Franziska Sophie Wildförster, the London-based artists’ first solo exhibition with the gallery will explore the organisation of space through the “complex and often contradictory constructions of national and global identities through visual cultures [and] communication technologies.”

The newly commissioned work will be an immersive installation that revolves around a video where sculptural architecture and digital elements will both manipulate and simulate “contemporary political and economic subjectivities.”

See the Kevin Space website for details.**

Yuri Pattison (2016). Event image for Enquire to Annotate Offsite Event. Courtesy the artist + Chisenhale, London. 
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Brave new artists in a brave new world for New Material: living in a new material world at A.P.T. Gallery, Mar 9 – Apr 2

6 March 2017

The New Material: living in a new material world group exhibition is on at London’s A.P.T. Gallery, opening March 9 and running to April 2.

Curated by Tyler Mallison, the show “seeks to address the shift in the ‘material world’ from the Gen-X perspective of the mid 1980s; a time of pensive self-awareness and anxiety, to our current new material world; one of 21st century post-truth Trumpist politics and Brexit Britain”.

The show will span installation, performance, sculpture and video, and feature work by international artists, including Mallison, Robert Cervera, Russell Chater, Marieke GelissenPaul KindersleyEdith KollathNika Neelova and Michaela Zimmer who will explore and navigate their experience “against the backdrop of an increasingly challenging climate for expression and artistic production.”

The exhibition is also part of the SLAM (South London Art Map) late-night programme on March 31.

See the A.P.T. Gallery website for details.**

Paul Kindersley, ‘Goodwill Ambassador’, (2016). Video still. Courtesy the artist + APT Gallery, London.
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Scintillating syntax + chasing the cheese in Rhys Coren’s Whistle Bump Super Strut at Seventeen, Mar 9 – Apr 15

6 March 2017

Rhys Coren is presenting solo exhibition Whistle Bump Super Strut at London’s Seventeen, opening March 9 and running to April 15.

For his first solo exhibition at the gallery, Coren will present a series of painted panels, the themes of which might be elaborated by the following excerpt of a text called ‘Titles,’ visually shaped in a curve and drawing on descriptions of embarrassment and a reference to 80s soft-rock singer-songwriter Carly Simon’s song Why

“Red-faced with embarrassment.
Cheeky, cheeky. Naughty, sneaky.
Last night changed it all (I really had a ball).
Always have somebody chasing somebody else.
I don’t want to get over (the sweetest hangover).
“Scintillating syntax,” soothed the solo on the synth sax.
Mischievousness made magical may make modesty more malleable.
Carly Simon’s Why, followed by Carly Simon’s Why, followed by Carly Simon’s Why (again).”

The London-based artist works across “animation, writing, performance and painted marquetry; each media displaying an obvious pleasure in rhythm, rhyme, form, colour, space and negative space.”

See the Seventeen gallery website for details.**

Rhys Coren, ‘Cheeky, cheeky. Naughty, sneaky’, (2016). Courtesy the artist + Seventeen, London.
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Objects, people and place in Sue Tompkins + Matthew Damhave’s Don’t be far from me at Tenderbooks, Mar 7 – Apr 8

6 March 2017
Sue Tompkins + Matthew Damhave are presenting Dont be far from me at London’s Tenderbooks, opening March 7 and running to April 8.
Curated by Caroline Stevenson with the art publication space, the exhibition and month-long residency “celebrates the connections these artists make between objects, people and place”. 
The event will kick off with a performance by Glasgow-based artist Tompkins on the opening night, whose work is closely “absorbed with language.” Often sifting through song lyrics and fragments of speech, her work extends and animates into performance. NYC-based artist and designer Damhave, meanwhile, works in painting, zines and textiles, engaging in a process of bricolage.
Both artists will come together to explore “bookshop as a site” and will also be producing an artist’s book during the residency.
See the Tenderbooks website for details.**
Courtesy Tenderbooks, London.
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Quantum leaps in reality + the art market at the Visual Worlds Collide symposium at Basel’s HeK, Mar 3

3 March 2017
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What to look out for at Independent New York, NADA, The Armory Show this week, Mar 2 – 6

2 March 2017

There are a number of fairs happening in New York this week, including Independent New YorkNADA NY, and The Armory Show, running from March 2 to 6.

Outside of that there are some other things running concurrently, including Art Basel-begun and “rigorously curated, boutique event” VOLTA NY, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, and Paul Kneale + Toby Ziegler’s After Image at Cassina Projects, which started on February 28 and is running to April 15.

Below are some artists and exhibitors to look out for, if you’re headed to any, or all of the main events: 

Independent New York @ Spring Studios Tribeca

For Independent New York, there’s a group presentation at New York’s 315 Gallery, with Amy Brener, Henry Lucien Barrett, and Cecilia Salama among them, as well as booth featuring Hal Fischer, Juliana Huxtable and DIS at London’s Project Native InformantKelly Akashi and Neïl Beloufa are a couple of the artists showing with Los Angeles’ Ghebaly Gallery, and Darja Bajagić features at London’s Carlos/Ishikawa

Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Martos Gallery and C L E A R I N G are also showing, while Los Angeles’ Freedman Fitzpatrick has a number from its typically excellent artist roster, including Mathis Altmann, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Tobias Madison, Das Institut & Allison Katz, Lucie Stahl, Shimabuku, Hannah Weinberger and more. 

NADA NY @ Skylight Clarkson North

At NADA New York there’ll be a solo presentation by Jacolby Satterwhite at Los Angeles’ Moran Bondaroff, Siebren Versteeg at bitforms, as well as Signal in New York, and Moscow-based video art collective AES+F presented by New York’s Transfer Gallery in collaboration with Bucharest’s Mobius Gallery. 

Other booths to take note of include Toronto’s Cooper Cole, San Francisco’s Capital Gallery and  Et los angeles and Night Gallery, as well as Guatemala’s Proyectos Ultravioleta, Brussels’ Super Dakota, and Ed. Varie.

The Armory Show @Piers 92 & 94

Meanwhile, The Armory Show will have Joshua Citarella and Evan Roth from London’s Carroll/Fletcher, Recycle Group from Suzanne Tarasieve,  Jo-ey Tang and Carlos Reyes at Galerie Joseph Tang from Paris, as well as Nevine Mahmoud for M+B, Los Angeles.

Also presenting artists are Honor Fraser, The Breeder, Various Small Fires, Arratia Beer, Bodega, Arcade, Nicodim Gallery, Galerie Sultana and more.**

Independent New York, NADA, and The Armory Show are on concurrently in New York, running March 2 to 6, 2017.

Jo-ey Tang, Like An Intruder, The Speaker Removes His Cap (2014). Installation view. (2014). Photo by Ana Drittani. Courtesy Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris.
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A tattoo parlor, Teen Angels, an after party + more at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair, Feb 23 – 26

23 February 2017

Printed Matter‘s LA Art Book Fair is on at Los Angeles’ The Geffen Contemporary of MOCA, running February 24 to 26, with an opening preview on February 23.

For its fifth edition the companion event to NY Art Book Fair invites over 250 international presses, booksellers, artists’ merchandise distributors, antiquarians, and independent publishers into its space.

There will be an opening night preview at Geffen with special musical performances by Seth Bogart and Kembra Pfahler & Christian Music from The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, as well as a keynote address by artist, General Idea co-founder and past Printed Matter director AA Bronson called ‘MY LIFE IN BOOKS.

An exhibition of art, issues and other miscellany by the late Teen Angel — the Lowrider artist and writer behind Teen Angels Magazine focusing on life in the streets of the Varrios of California and the Southwest — will be on show, including unpublished, never before-seen original pieces of artwork. 

Gagosian Gallery will present an exhibition as tattoo parlor called FLASH FLASH FLASH, and Slow Culture & Deadbeat Club have a pop-up installation of a vintage drive-thru photo kiosk with 24-hour film developing services called ‘THE FOTOMAT.’ XE(ROX) & PAPER + SCISSORS will be presenting over 100 international artists, zines, and small presses, while some publishers and titles to look out for include Dirty Looks, Hesse PressHonor Fraser, Sternberg Press, an audio project by Linder & Maxwell Sterling at Blum & Poe, Emalin and many more.

The official after party, on February 25, will be at The Regent, and feature performances by SophieYves Tumor, Bill Kouligas, Juliana Huxtable among them. 

See the FB event page for the full programme and more details.**

Image courtesy Maxwell Sterling.
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Temporal narratives + the annals of Western art in Quayola’s Fragments at bitforms, Feb 25 – Apr 9

23 February 2017

Quayola is presenting solo exhibition Fragments at New York’s bitforms gallery, opening February 25 and running to April 9.

Quayola‘s process “begins in the annals of Western art” where historical themes and technological apparatus are located and synthesized. The show will be a series of sculptures called ‘Laocoön Fragments’ and based on the Hellenistic sculpture ‘Laocoön and His Sons‘. 

Quayola, originally from Rome, explores the “grandeur and decay of ancient sculptures and Renaissance masterpieces that he encountered at an early age,” and the fluidity of temporal narratives.

See the bitforms website for details.**

Quayola, ‘Laocoön Fragment B_001.001’, (2016). Courtesy the artist + bitforms gallery, New York.
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Made in Miami: Jillian Mayer on Borscht Corp’s 10th Film Festival dedicated to her Florida home

22 February 2017

Borscht Corporation has been referred to as “one of the biggest forces behind Miami’s ‘renaissance’,” and rightly so. Co-founded by artist Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva in 2010, the collective has been working hard to make the Florida state city’s cultural landscape more visible, shifting preconceptions to a more accurate portrayal of the area through storytelling. That’s why the robust programme for Borscht Corp’s tenth film festival, Borscht 10 is so important. 

Courtesy Borscht Corporation, Miami.

A selection of Miami’s brightest and most innovative stories from emerging filmmakers have been nominated by a jury, for the five-day schedule, running February 22 to 26, packed with idiosyncratic events. Those include a screening of the 1995 blockbuster film, Waterworld – literally on the water – informative panels with film industry professionals, and a performance by Trina and Poorgrrrl on top of a bank vault. There’ll be a special screening of the Grammy-nominated film, filmed and set in Miami, Moonlight, as well as the flagship ‘Borscht Shorts’ screening of specially-commissioned short films made in, for, or about Miami by local and guest filmmakers at the Olympia Theater on February 25.

The Borscht Corp goal of challenging “stereotypically insipid depictions of Miami in the mainstream media” is a strong one, and is becoming more and more evident through programme initiatives such as this one. The aim is to “articulate the voices of the New Miami and its idiosyncratic culture, providing a global stage for underrepresented (often female, Latin American, African- American, and Afro-Caribbean) identities in film.”

In the lead up to the 10th Borscht Corp Film Festival, co-founder Mayer took some time out to share her thoughts via email on the BC agenda, including #NOBROZONE, programme highlights, and Hollywood.

Courtesy Borscht Corporation, Miami.

** This year the festival launched #NOBROZONE, could you talk a little bit about this initiative, your experience working with a female-led panel and filmmakers, and if it is a permanent edition to future festivals?

Jillian Mayer: We wanted to do something different to support female filmmakers, and we realized that even when the filmmakers are women, a lot of the gatekeepers and financial backers in the industry are still men. It’s important to feel a sense of comfort and community when you’re putting yourself out there as an artist, and we wanted to create a safe space for women to express themselves freely, and to even get a little weird. We’re really happy with the work we’re already seeing come out of the program, and we’d obviously love to keep it going.

** What are some of the highlights of this year’s program? Are there any events that you are particularly excited about?

JM: We’re opening with an actual wake and Viking funeral for our past work. We will be torching and saying goodbye to some of our earlier work by setting hard drives on fire and watching them melt.

Later in the program, we’re having a ‘Coral Orgy,’ with a live performance by Animal Collective and sexy marine projections mapped onto Frank Gehry’s New World Center. As for more traditional film-centered events, our newest crop of Borscht Shorts is screening on Saturday, and we’re also doing a ‘career retrospective’ of New York-based filmmaker John Wilson‘s insanely creative (so much so that it’s literally illegal) nonfiction work.

Courtesy Borscht Corporation, Miami.

** The Grammy-nominated feature film Moonlight has garnered widespread international acclaim and began as a Borscht project. Could you talk a bit about its evolution, what it was like to work with the director, and future prospects with other Borscht related productions?

JM: We wanted to encourage filmmakers with connections to Miami to come down here and make interesting work, and Barry [Jenkins] was someone we really wanted to support. He made a short with us, ‘Chlorophyll’ in 2011, and his trust in Borscht was really important for us at that time, when we weren’t super-established yet. We introduced him to Tarell McCraney (another Miami native who wrote the screenplay for Moonlight) and it evolved from there. It’s been incredible to see how well the film has been received, and it’s already done so much to bring awareness to the real Miami we’ve been trying to spotlight in our projects.

** Is there anyone in the film industry outside or within Borscht that you think people need to know more about?

JM: Everything we are playing at our festival. Check out our program, it’s them.**

The 10th Borscht Corp Film festival is on across venues in Miami, running February 22 to 26, 2017.

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Radically challenging the solidified body with The Virtual Self at New Art Exchange, Feb 24

22 February 2017

The The Virtual Self discussion is on at Nottingham’s New Art Exchange on February 24.

The evening is free to everyone, and takes the form of a talk between UNTITLED: art on the conditions of our time co-curator Hansi Momodu-Gordon and artists Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, where they will discuss “how social constructs such as class, race, gender and politics can be solidified or radically challenged in the digital realm.”

In an exploration of technology and identity, the event will look at the bodies place within future representation of our virtual selves.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, ‘Finding Fanon Part Two’ (2016) film still. Courtesy the artists.
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Studio practice in progress at How to be being at Super Dakota, Feb 23 – Apr 8

22 February 2017

The How to be being film program is on at Brussels’ Super Dakota, opening February 23 and running to April 8.

Co-conceived with Alex Clarke, the event features three films by Gareth Long showing ‘Work in Progress’ (2010), Jaakko Pallasvuo‘s ‘Blue’ (2016) and Elsa-Louise Manceaux & Balthazar Berling‘s ‘Debouts, Salis, Cernés’ (2017).

How to be being is part of larger series of shows of the same name on studio practice, which opened January 12 and is also running until April 8. In addition, Clarke is also exhibiting solo show This Happened To Me, which also opens on February 23 and runs to April 8.

See the Super Dakota webiste for details**

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Georgia Horgan explores precarity + resistance in relation to labour + gender in All Whores are Jacobites at Public Exhibitions, Feb 23 – Mar 31

20 February 2017

Georgia Horgan is presenting solo exhibition All Whores are Jacobites at London’s Public Exhibitions, opening February 23 and running to March 31.

The show will also present a performative lecture alongside, which will take place on the opening night at 7:15 and “discuss the stories of radical women from three different times, over a period of six hundred years.” In addition, there will be a film element that follows characters who were all residents of the now-named Borough of Tower Hamlets. 

Exploring precarity and resistance related to ideas of labour and gender, the lecture and exhibition looks at these ideas through the lens of a capitalist structure relating to the global textile industry, and will be experimenting with non-linear narrative.

See the FB event page for details.**

Georgia Horgan, ‘Mechttttthild’, (2016). HD video. Installation view. Courtesy the artist + velyn Yard, London.


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The anxiety-inducing architectures of physical + psychological boundaries at Concrete Jungle at Annka Kultys, , Feb 21 – Mar 18

20 February 2017

The Concrete Jungle exhibition is on at London’s Annka Kultys, opening February 21 and running to March 18.

Curated by Alexandra White, the show features video works by Copenhagen-based Brazilian video artist Tamar Guimarães and performance artists Michelle Williams Gamaker and Julia Kouneski. They explore “the physical and psychological boundaries between the human and architectural body within the specific context of Brazil.”

Concrete Jungle is rooted in dichotomy, between the natural and manmade, reality and fantasy. Here, Gamaker and Kouneski will present a performative video work described as ‘anxiety-inducing’ and Guimarães’ will present 16-mm film ‘Canoas’. 

See the Annka Kultys website for details.**

Tamar Guilamãres for ‘Concrete Jungle’ exhibition (2017). Video still. Courtesy the artist + Annka Kultys, London.


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V-A-C launches its new Moscow headquarters with the Geometry of Now sound art project, Feb 20 – 27

20 February 2017

V-A-C is launching its future home at Moscow’s GES-2 with the Geometry of Now project, opening February 20 and running to February 27.

The V-A-C foundation is dedicated to the “international presentation, production and development of Russian contemporary art” and will be opening a new headquarters at the former power station. Built in 1907,  the building sits along the banks of the Moskva River, and will be revived and re-constructed to house new interventions by artists.

Geometry of Now will be a series of installations, workshops, lectures ad performances dedicated to sound-art to kick off the reconfiguration of the architectural space. Curated by Mark Fell, the ambitious project includes contributions by 75 artists, with installations by Florian Hecker, Theo Burt, Hannah Sawtell and Carl Michael Von Hausswolff among others. 

There will a series of performances, with Stephen O’Malley with Alexey Tegin, as well as an early and late evening program with sets by Equiknoxx, JlinInga CopelandLee Scratch Perry and Dubblestandart, among many others.

In addition to performance, there are also a number of exciting lectures, workshops and in-conversations, including the Modular synthesis workshop with Keith Fullerton Whitman and Jack Adams (aka Mumdance), the ‘Gender – Politics – Sound’ discussion with Georgina Born and Terre Thaemlitz, and moderated by Andrey Parshikov,  the ‘Novel Approaches for 3-D Sound Spatialisation’ workshop with Paul Modler and Markus Noisternig and ‘Approaches to Field Recording’ with Jana Winderen , Gleb Glonti, Katya Reshetnikova, and Christophe Charles moderated by Tony Myatt and more.

See the GES-2 website for the full programme and more details.**

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White ppl think I’m radical at Arcadia Missa opens Feb 17

16 February 2017

The White ppl think I’m radical exhibition at London’s Arcadia Missa opens February 17 and runs until April 29.

The show will “approach the problems, possibilities, and violences of portraiture and representation” in a two-person show by Los-Angeles based artist, writer and curator Aria Dean and Australian-based Somali artist Hamishi Farah.

The show will feature paintings by Farah in which he paints himself, and sculptural and digital work by Dean. Both works circle around a “shared search for what is (un)representable and how (not) to represent it.”

Visit the Arcadia Missa webpage fore more details.**

Aria Dean, ‘gear III’ (2016). Courtesy the artist


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Lonely words of ‘unpinpointable’ origin at the WOUO launch at Broken Dimanche Press, Feb 18

15 February 2017

The MARIA† editions launch of WOUO, a publication edited by John Ryaner, is on at Berlin’s Broken Dimanche Press on February 18.

jib, jiffy, jitney, jive, joey1, joey2, josh, kibble, kike, kilter, kit, lad, langer, lobscouse, lollygag, lummox, malarkey, masturbate, moolah, mosey, mull1, mull2, nag, nerd, nifty, nitty-gritty, noggin, oodles,

WOUO is an acronym for Word Of Unknown Origin and is a publication of artists’ texts, featuring Susan Conte, Faye Green, Erika Landström, Ingo Niermann, Samuel Hasler, Aniara Omann, Line Ebert, and Ryaner himse;f. Each artist was sent “a large and random group of lonely words of unpinpointable beginnings (267 wouos and counting)” and asked to contribute writing in response. 

The evening will host readings by Eoghan Ryan, Jack Brennan, Luzie Meyer, Zuzanna Ratajczyk, Samuel Hasler, and John Ryaner.

See the FB event page for more details.**

John Ryaner, ‘Untitled (another passing emotion)’, (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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