Nomadic subjectivity + futurity in the post-immigrant labor of Beatriz Cortez + Rafa Esparza Pasado mañana at Commonwealth and Council, Jan 20 – Mar 3

19 January 2018

Beatriz Cortez and Rafa Esparza present Pasado mañana at Los Angeles’ Commonwealth and Council, opening January 20 and running to March 3.

The title is Spanish for ‘the day after tomorrow’ and the new works in the show will “posit immigrant labor as a foundation for building a future,” where gender, class, culture and race are re-imagined. 

The pair have previously collaborated two other times this year, at UCR ARTSblock and Ballroom Marfa, both also exploring the nomadic subjectivity and futurity.

Visit the Commonwealth and Council  website for details.**

Beatriz Cortez and Rafa Esparza, ‘Nomad 13’
(2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artists + UCR ARTSblock, Riverside.
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Collective bodies yet to be shaped in District 17 group show at Berlin’s Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Jan 20 – Feb 23

18 January 2018

The District 17 group exhibition is on at Berlin’s Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, opening January 20 and running to February 23.

Curated by Gabriela Acha, Sarah Johanna Theurer and Catherine Wang, the show includes work by Jesse Darling, Mia Goyette, Lito Kattou, Shaun Motsi, Johannes Paul Raether, Jenna Sutela and Bruno Zhu. The works create a dialogue in which a “scenario of encounters for collective bodies [are] yet to be shaped.”

There will be a performance by Kattou on the opening night (and an after party at Kudamm Karree), a performance by Raether on February 10 and readings by Darling and Sutela on February 23.

Visit the Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler website for details.**

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The intellectually rigorous + sardonically funny work of Chris Kraus to feature in the ‘Cruelty and Crime’ screening at ICA, Jan 18

17 January 2018

London Short Film Festival in association with MUBI presents screening of Chris Kraus: Cruelty and Crime at London’s ICA on January 18. 

The screening will feature eight short films and one feature made by the writer between 1982 and 1995, which move between genres, fusing cinematic styles of documentary, fiction and essay film, as well as performance art to create “a body of work that is as intellectually rigorous as it is sardonically funny.”

The event will be followed by a discussion with Afterall writer and editor David Morris, filmmaker Ruth Novakzec and writer Joanna Walsh.

Visit the ICA website for details.**

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Being happy as a political act in the next Progress Bar with the radical equality of Klein, Crystallmess, Larry B + more, Jan 20

17 January 2018

Progress Bar and Sonic Acts present their next event night taking place at Amsterdam’s Paradiso Noord on January 20.

The evening will feature Klein, Crystallmess, James Massiah, Larry B and others, including dodomundo, Clubcouture and Sarra Wild with more to be announced.

Progress Bar are an expanding network of artists and activists who aim to “represent radical equality, communality and hopefulness” and run events that promote ‘being happy’ as a political and radical act.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Brought to life by the ambivalent + enigmatic in Lemurenheim at Galerie Meyer Kainer, Jan 16 – Feb 24

16 January 2018

The Lemurenheim group exhibition at Vienna’s Galerie Meyer Kainer is opening January 16 and running to February 24. 

The show is an oscillation between ‘spirit’ and ‘esprit’ and includes work by Ei Arakawa, Kerstin Brätsch, Sigmar Polke, Franz West, KAYA and Katja Novitskova

Tapping into  the transformational, uncanny and irrational, the exhibition is “brought to life by the ambivalent, the enigmatic, the dubious” and its title is taken from a previous collaboration organised by Galerie Meyer Kainer between Rudolf Stingel and Franz West in 2002 at Museum der Moderne in Salzburg.

Visit the Galerie Meyer Kainer website for details.**

Katja Novitskova, ‘Untitled’ (2017). Install view. Courtesy the artist + Sorbus, Helsinki
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“Gender-queer post-homo-hop musical artist” Mykki Blanco will give a talk at RCA, Jan 16

16 January 2018

Mykki Blanco will give a talk at London’s RCA on January 16.

Hosted by RCA School of Arts & Humanities talks and Anne Duffau, the event will open with an introduction by Tai Shani

A personality moving between performance, art, activism, music and more, Blanco started out as a child actor, studied art and dropped out of it (quoted, the art world is just one big scam for rich people”), and became well known for being a noise rap poet, publishing From The Silence Of Duchamp To The Noise Of Boys. Dubbed a ‘digital warrior princess,’ the self-described “non-binary gender-queer post-homo-hop musical artist” also recently released debut album Mykki (2016) via Dogfood Music Group / !K7.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Nicholas O’Brien presents solo exhibition The Trolley looking at progressive disappearance through game at LIMA, Jan 17 – Feb 28

15 January 2018

Nicholas O’Brien presents solo exhibition The Trolley at Amsterdam’s LIMA opening January 17 and running to February 28.

The Trolley  is the third exhibition of Cultural Matter; a series of events and shows which digital arts, its presentation and preservation, with other artists including Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart and Olia Lialina.  

As described by O’Brien, the exhibition is an ‘essay game artwork’ and “revolves around the progressive disappearance of a mode of public transport in the urban landscape.” As the viewer plays, they are confronted with choices of what to dismantle and continue, reflecting on their role in the outcome.

The artist will be discussing his installation and the politics of a changing public space and infrastructure with Isabelle Arvers on January 17 and Filippo Lorenzin on February 19.

Visit the LIMA website for details.**



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Gaia Vincensini on the murky role of the “artist” now in solo show Trust at 1.1, Jan 13 – 27

15 January 2018
Gaia Vincensini presents solo exhibition Trust at Basel’s 1.1 which opened January 13 and is running to January 27.
Vincensini will install a series of drawings that examine Geneva’s “inhabitants’ collective identity through its architecture and appearance.” Focusing on the artists role right in society right now, links are drawn between banks and commercial art galleries as well as cultural institutions.
The show will also include a collaboration with Eliott Villars who is contributing prints, shirts and embroideries. Vincensini is a Geneva-based artist who also works as part of the collective LGG$B who explore “an alternative to corporate identity.”
Visit the 1.1 website for details.**
Courtesy Gaia Vincensini + 1.1, Basel


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A female science fiction with Barbara Kapusta’s Empathetic Creatures at Ashley Berlin, Jan 13 – 24

12 January 2018

Barbara Kapusta presents solo exhibition Empathetic Creatures at Ashley Berlin, opening January 13 and running to January 24. 

Curated by Cathrin Mayer, the installation will feature new sculptures, a film and a text that explores ‘female science fiction’ and “the correspondence between body and speech.” The opening night will also include a performance by Kapusta alongside producer fauna.

Embracing the vulnerable and the diverse, the exhibition will explore an ‘alternative politics’ played out through four characters who make their way through a post apocalyptic setting. 

Visit the Ashley Berlin website for details.**

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Elizabeth Karp-Evans presents solo show Type of Blue at Shoot The Lobster, Jan 12 – Feb 18

10 January 2018

Elizabeth Karp-Evans presents solo exhibition Type of Blue at New York’s Shoot The Lobster opening January 12 and running to February 18.

The upcoming show has no press release or information for what to expect, however previous work often brings together image and text to “disrupt the hierarchies that separate viewer from art.”

Evans is a New York-based writer, editor and artist who also works in art publishing is a previous editor of KARMA and Guernica. Her most recent exhibition New Stage New Badges at New York’s Signal (Apr 8 – May 7, 2017) was a collaboration with Nikholis Planck which included a series of buttons as well as an edited text of Hito Steyerl’s Untitled (In Defense of the Poor Image) into 121 buttons.


Visit the Shoot The Lobster website for details.**

Elizabeth Karp-Evans
+ Nikholis Planck New Stage New Badges (2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artists + Signal, New York.
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unbag publication releases Issue 2: End with an night of readings at Printed Matter, Inc. Jan 11

10 January 2018

The release event for unbag Issue 2: End is taking place at New York’s Printed Matter, Inc. on January 11.

The digital and print publication unbag (that “promotes dialogue concerning contemporary art, cultural practice, and political action”) is releasing their second issue of visual art, critical essays, web-based projects and other literary works that explore the idea of ‘end’ and featuring 19 contributors including Morehshin AllahyariJesse DarlingShawné Michaelain Holloway, Baseera Khan, Precious Okoyomon and Ashwin Ravikumar among others.

The evening will feature readings and performances by Justin Allen, Thea Ballard, Shawné Michaelain Holloway and Baseera Khan.

Visit the Printed Matter, Inc. website for details.**

Shawné Michaelain Holloway, Unbag Issue 2 Spread (2018) Courtesy the artist, unbag + Printed Matter, Inc. New York


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Drawing from personal histories + collective zeitgeist in Imperfect Tools For Navigation at American Medium, Jan 10 – Feb 4

9 January 2018

The Imperfect Tools For Navigation group exhibition at New York’s American Medium opens January 10 and is running to February 4.

The show is curated by Philadelphia’s artist-run gallery High Tide and features work by Devin N. Morris, James Bouché and Jared Rush Jackson.

Drawing from both ‘personal histories’ and a ‘collective zeitgeist,’ the works scan through deep histories both recent and past. In an act of ‘reframing and reclaiming’ the inherited past, the works look upon this act as a radical one that serves to “function as a beacon forward” with the use of imperfect tools. 

Also taking place concurrently to the exhibition is American Medium’s WINTER SESSIONS which will host a number of events including performance, screenings and readings running over December 14 to February 3.

Visit the American Medium website for details.**



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Spencer Longo’s newly released book COLLAGES 2017 is now available for purchase online

9 January 2018

Spencer Longo‘s new book COLLAGES 2017 is now available for purchase online here.

The project “reproduces 104 works from a body of collages completed by the artist in 2017″ into an 8.5″ x 11” full colour magazine format. It was first released at Los Angeles’ Vernon Gardens on December 2 and again at New York’s Interstate Projects on December 15.

Spencer Longo is a Los Angeles-based artist who works across media, with recent solo exhibition  I Survived The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis And All I Got Was This Lousy Personality Disorder  (2016) at Los Angeles’ Chiat/Day.

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The Conch: Talk Show features an evening of Gery Georgieva, Teddy May de Kock and Nikhil Vettukattil at SLG, Jan 10

9 January 2018

The Conch: Talk Show will feature an evening with Gery Georgieva, Teddy May de Kock and Nikhil Vettukattil at South London Gallery on January 10.

The night will consist of screenings, performances, games and Q+A’s to consider the work of the three moving image artists. 

Georgieva works across video, installation, sound and performance where improvised lo-fi sets with the camera become a stage to explore “the construction of taste, personal empowerment, and cultural belonging.” May de Kock is an actress and artist who uses elements of magic, rehearsal and other theatrical conventions and Nikhil Vettukattil explores “the role of representational images in framing and remaking lived experience.”

Visit the FB event page for details.**


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A series of six projects looking at contemporary wellness in Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy at Somerset House, Jan 8 – 13

8 January 2018

The Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy project series at Somerset House Studios runs January 8 to 13.

The series will feature six days of “artist-led approaches to the concept and practice of wellness” where alternative ideas and concepts of holistic health will be explored. 
A mix of artworks and events, the project will feature:

-‘Self Optimization‘ open conversation run by Marija Bozinovska Jones and featuring speakers Ramon Amaro, Alan Newman, David Pfau and Prajnamanas on Jan 8
-‘Resistance Training‘ session with Pheobe Davies on Jan 9
-‘GRWM: I Wish I Was a Ghost! A Narrator! A Disembodied Voice!‘ intimate public reading with Zarina Muhammed on Jan 10
-‘Breathe Imperative‘ breathing and visualisation techniques with Bad Vibes Club on Jan 11
-‘inner u‘ evening of performance, music and installation with Sara Sassanelli, Ben Bishop and Will Coldwell on Jan 12
-‘A Spiritual Map for our Creative Self‘ performative workshop with artist and astrologer Madeleine Botet de Lacaze on Jan 13
-‘In Conversation with Chani Nicholas and Linda Stupart‘ on Jan 13

Visit the Somerset House Studios website for details.**

Courtesy Somerset House Studios




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Martin Kohout explores the Night Shift labour model in Daylight Management at Auto Italia, Jan 13 – Mar 18

8 January 2018

Martin Kohout presents solo exhibition Daylight Management at London’s Auto Italia opening January 13 and running to March 18.

A series of events will take place in the space throughout the duration of the show including contributions from Georgina Voss and Dan Meththananda among others and also includes Kohout’s new film ‘Slides’ produced by AQNB Productions. 

The installation is part of larger project ‘Night Shifts’ which, led by Kohout, draws from a “sprawling network of artists, researchers, scientists, night-shift workers and union representatives” to explore the night shift labour model and its effects on the personal and infrastructural body as well as the “social impact of staying connected to friends and loved ones who exist at opposite ends of the day.”

Visit the Auto Italia website for details.**



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Between home, body + psyche: Alpina Huus exhibition, performance festival + scientific symposium, Dec 16 -Jan 14

15 December 2017

The Alpina Huus project at Geneva’s Le Commun and Lausanne’s Arsenic begins December 16 and is running to January 14, 2018.

The “thinking performance and domestic space” will host two festivals; an opening one at Le Commun running December 16 and 17, and a closing one at Arsenic on January 13, an exhibition at Le Commun running December 16 to January 12, and a scientific symposium at Le Commun on January 12.

Curated by Elise Lammer and Denis Pernet, the project was first initiated in March 2015 at Berlin’s Schinkel Pavillon and explores the “many analogies between the house, and the body and psyche.” This event features over 30 participants including BonaventureGina Folly, Lou Forster, Balz IslerHanne LippardGarrett NelsonRamaya Tegegne and many more.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Rewind forward: Narratives of a Near Future conference looks at the past, present + future at Genève’s HEAD, Dec 14 – 15

14 December 2017

The Narratives of a Near Future international conference is on at Genève’s HEAD on December 14 and 15.

Bringing together an interdisciplinary panel of artists, scholars and designers, the event “addresses the challenges that the next generation will have to meet.” For its 10th edition, participants will explore four central themes: 

‘Rewind Forward’ looks at past, present and future, ‘Inhabit the Anthropocene’ examines the relationship between humans and the environment, ‘Decoding/Recoding’ concerns economy and digitization, and ‘Collective Super Egos’ will explore hybridity and fluidness in the body.

Through a series of talks, performances and screenings, Narratives of a Near Future 2017 will feature Marguerite HumeauMetahavenJussi Parikka Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil JoreigeJ.G BiberkopfCécile B. EvansKorakrit ArunanondchaiLauren HuretYing Gao and Mathis Gasser, among many others.

Visit the HEAD website for details.**

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Alignment, Folds of Existence, Nocturnal Sub.missions: American Medium’s WINTER SESSIONS series of events runs Dec 14 – Feb 3

13 December 2017

The WINTER SESSIONS: A Season of Events at American Medium begins December 14 and is running to February 3.

New York’s American Medium gallery will host a number of events at their space over the winter season, with three sections: Alignment presents readings, Folds of Existence presents a series of film screenings and a set of experimental performances in Nocturnal Sub.missions.

– Alignment will  feature two readers “at different points” on the same night to explore and create “relations, clashes, or comraderies that would not otherwise have occasion,” featuring Bunny Lampert + Cristine BracheAdriana Ramić + Mónica de la Torre, and Charles Theonia + manuel arturo abreu, among others.

– Folds of Existence is programmed by Lorenzo Ga‚orna and Mary Ancel, and brings together moving image works that mediate “the precarious boundaries between public space and personal psyche,” featuring over 2o artists including Benji Blessing, Rouzbeh RashidiBasim MagdyJodie Mack and more.

– Nocturnal Sub.missions will explore “dark dreamlands and lucidity of the everyday” over six nights and features gage of the booneAzumi Oe and Whitney Vangrin, plus others.

Visit the American Medium website for details.**

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Personal + political, detail + context, practice + theory in Trans ‘Theirstory’ and Non-binary Thinking at OSE, Dec 14

12 December 2017

The Trans ‘Theirstory’ and Non-binary Thinking workshop is happening at Kent’s Open School East on December 14.

Led by artist and singer Clair Le Couteur, the event will continue on from its first iteration Reading Trans, which took place in June, both exploring embodiment and “attempting to move seamlessly between personal and political, detail and context, practice and theory.”

The workshop will revolve around Donna Haraway’s ‘Cyborg Manifesto‘ and Sandy Stone’s ‘A Post-Transexual Manifesto‘ and aims to open up all questions relating to trans, including “trans-disciplinarity, trans-culturalism, trans-lation, trans-formation” and more.**

Visit the FB event page for details.** 

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