Yawning Portal interprets the sound of moonlight on the lush atmospheres of ‘Minute Sun’ for 29 Speedway’s Zero Space compilation

, 12 August 2021

29 Speedway is releasing compilation Zero Space on August 12, with preview track ‘Yawning Portal – Minute Sun’ premiering via AQNB today. The record from the New York-based label draws from the science of moonlight reaching Earth, featuring tracks from Sophia Lucie, Ausschuss, amongst others.

29 Speedway ‘Zero Space’ (2021). Photo courtesy the label.

Yawning Portal’s ‘Minute Sun’ seeps slowly into earshot, grainy atmospheres pouring over guitar melodies that wind up the composition. Ethereal croons ebb over the instrumentation, expanding into full-blown soundscapes crest in slow-motion. The score evokes a vision of light seen through darkness, imparting a haunting and otherworldly feeling that trails off into the abyss.**

Yawning Portal’s ‘Minute Sun’ is out via 29 Speedway’s compilation Zero Space on August 12.