The Culturally Minor: Terre Thaemlitz talks non-essentialism & the need for smallness in a queer underground on AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast

, 17 March 2021

“Divestments of power are the ways in which people could actually structurally change systemic violence,” says music producer, artist and DJ Terre Thaemlitz, discussing her critical stance on pride culture in contemporary LGBT activism. “But instead it’s all about power sharing, it’s all about being recognised for inclusion within the already existing, and ever expanding, humanist framework of categorising identities for who qualifies as human under the law.” Speaking with associate editor Jared Davis on notions of non-essentialism and the socio-economics of music distribution for AQNB’s bi-monthly Artist Statement podcast, this latest episode with Thaemlitz is available exclusively to subscribers of our Patreon.

Raised in Missouri before moving to New York in the late 1980s, Terre was a resident DJ at storied queer nightclub Sally’s II in the early ‘90s. Since then, Terre has released music, critical writing, and video via her own Comatonse Recordings, as well as independent labels including Germany’s influential Mille Plateaux. Based in Japan since the early 2000s, he also continues to perform and record under the deep house alias DJ Sprinkles, releasing the acclaimed Midtown 120 Blues in 2008. 

The Culturally Minor is the latest in our Artist Statement podcast series, with past episodes featuring Huw Lemmey, Jam City, Akinola Davies Jr, Legacy Russell and more. The full episode is accessible to our subscribers right now on Patreon. Sign up now:**

The latest episode of AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast featuring Terre Thaemlitz is available exclusively to our subscribers today.