Kisling, Till Megerle & Artjom Astrov’s ‘Guiding Light III’ closes a triptych of video ‘deep hangs’ exploring the band as a formless entity

, 4 March 2021

Kisling, Till Megerle & Artjom Astrov‘s Guiding Light music video series is out via Vienna’s Serious Serious on March 4, with ‘Guiding Light III’ premiering on AQNB today. Originally founded in Tallinn, Estonia, the label has released music by both Kisling and its founder Astrov, while Megerle is a visual artist whose drawings appear as part of the piece.

The video is one of three to drop at the same time, featuring the trio exploring the notion of “the music band as a formless entity reaching a level of feigned nebulosity”. ‘Guiding Light III’ is an pulsing, experimental number that throbs with synths that are overlaid with screamed vocals and odd sample interjections. They’re patchy peculiarity is matched only by the out-of-focus and grainy performance footage collected from a period of what the press release calls a “deep hanging out”.**

Kisling, Till Megerle & Artjom Astrov’s Guiding Light series is released out via Vienna’s Serious Serious on March 4, 2021.

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