lil rhiz0me captures fleeting intimacies on the short-lived, Auto-Tuned ballad ‘Monaco’ & its yearning for affection

, 9 October 2020

lil rhiz0me is releasing single ‘Monaco (feat. Amor Fati)’ on October 14, with premiere via AQNB today. A departure from the mania-driven pop of the Belgium-based artist’s EP I W I C L 4, this record strips back distorted nightcore and rave beats in favor of approachable Auto-Tuned ballads.

The Amor Fati-produced track starts in a pool of lush pads and bubbling synths, whirling about before lil rhiz0me’s Auto-Tuned vocals come into earshot. The lyrics describe yearning for affection along boulevards as the score unfolds into a potpourri of synthetic orchestral sounds, bounding and leaping before abruptly closing. The short-lived liveliness it all captures ephemeral intimacy in passing.**

lil rhiz0me’s ‘Monaco (feat. Amor Fati)’ is selfreleased on October 14.