Celia Hollander explores the magic of the mundane in the tapping rhythm & eerie household dread of ‘Santa Ana Wind Burn’

, 28 February 2020

Celia Hollander is releasing LP Recent Futures via Los Angeles’ Leaving Records, with preview track ‘Santa Ana Wind Burn’ premiering on AQNB today. The Los Angeles-based composer and interdisciplinary artist works with sound, composition, performance, installation and more recently producing as $3.33.

The record features six tracks with titles like ‘You Have 3 New Telepathic Messages’, ‘Big Talk’ and ‘Vacant and Encouraging My Trophy Houseplant’, exploring notions of mundanity and magic through an eerie combination of high fidelity field recordings and pads. ‘Santa Ana Wind Burn’ is titled after the famous downslope winds that often fan California wildfires in the fall. A tapping weave of samples, including knuckles knocking on wood and snapping scissors, are almost ASMR-like in their definition as they travel on a breathless motion supported by swelling tones and synths.**

Celia Hollander’s Recent Futures LP is out via Los Angeles’ Leaving Records on March 6, 2020.