Jonnine Standish debuts a mononymous solo project with a camp exercise in New Age Baroque on ‘Scorpio Rises Again’

, 23 October 2019

Jonnine (aka Jonnine Standish) is releasing EP Super Natural via Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s Good Morning Tapes today, with the ‘Scorpio Rises Again’ music video premiering exclusively via AQNB today. The HTRK member and vocalist is striking out on her own, with this 12-inch written and produced by the Melbourne-based artist, along with Nathan Corbin on co-production.

The record as a whole still echoes the moody sensuality of the duo’s post-punk-inspired electronic music but with a focus on Standish’s lyrics and sense of humour. Tracks with the titles like ‘I Don’t Seem Myself Tonight’ and ‘You Can Leave The Vampires’ follow a classic pace of clicking rhythms and cavernous resonance. ‘Scorpio Rises Again’ is the strangest and most exciting of the bunch, as it waltzes through a single bass line, finger clicks and whistling from CS + Kreme’s Conrad Standish, as well as raucous, off-kilter synth lines and violin. The accompanying video, directed by Corbin and premiering exclusively on AQNB, features Standish and Yasmina Dexter wandering through the canals and buildings of Venice in an ideal translation of the music’s neo-Baroque camp.**

Jonnine Standish’s Super Natural EP is out via Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s Good Morning Tapes on October 23, 2019.