Laza’s disturbed tech-noise EP is a deep dive into healing & discovery before running in the dark naked on ‘Correndo Nu Escuro’

, 27 September 2019

Laza (aka Lázaro Uilgner) is releasing album Mergulho via Berlin’s Dissolute on October 4, with preview track ‘Correndo Nu Escuro’ premiering on AQNB today. The São Paulo-based producer, DJ and member of experimental sound collective A-mig works with a disturbed kind of noise, industrial, techno, EBM and ambient.

The record is inspired by the last three years in the artist’s life, since moving to the city from the municipality of Jataí in Brazil’s Cerrado tropical savanna. Mergulho (translating from Portugese to English as ‘diving’) is a hard and heavy reflection on the constant process of healing and self-discovery a 23-year-old Uilgner has embarked on in this time. Meanwhile, ‘Correndo Nu Escuro’ (or ‘Running Naked in the Dark’) is an icy rattle through a cavernous soundscape of brooding atmospherics and a muted, insistent kick.**

Laza’s Mergulho album is out via Berlin’s Dissolute on October 4, 2019.