Qualiatik explores trauma, body horror & biotechnology through the fleshy noise & image interference of ‘Sublimation Coda’

, 15 August 2019

Qualiatik released EP Discarnate via New York’s Psychoid Devices on June 17, with a music video for follow-up track ‘Sublimation Coda’ premiering on AQNB today. The Brooklyn-based producer, performer and multimedia artist draws on a background in neuroscience to explore ideas of trauma and the subconscious in a biotechnological present through their own combination of europop and gothic techno.

While the record features a number of tracks with titles like ‘Discarnate I’, ‘Lotus Birth’ and ‘Reclamation’, ‘Sublimation Coda’ is a brand new one produced by Qualitik on tour. The video follows an earlier drop of stylised and high definition body horror for the track ‘Mother Tongue‘. The imagery for ‘Sublimation Coda’ is cruder and more degraded, where strobe lights and fast-cut, carnal close-ups are absorbed by the industrial noise it accompanies.**

Qualiatik’s Discarnate EP was released via New York’s Psychoid Devices on June 17, 2019.