angelicaa’s Can of Worms EP takes aim at post-club boredom with her emo electro pop apathy inspired by eurodance & a serial killer

, 26 July 2019

angelicaa is releasing EP Can Of Worms via London’s Cherche Encore on July 29, with preview track ‘Can of Worms’ premiering on AQNB today. Produced by Charles Verni, the music is what could be described as a very contemporary electronic blend of emo, grime and pop, that aptly finds a home on Blue Maignien and Harry Murdoch (aka hmurd)’s nascent label.

The record features five tracks, including previously released femme anthem ‘Chins‘ and a deadpan cover of 00s eurodance flash in the pan Jamie West’s ‘Think Pink‘, along with a sample of serial killer Aileen Wuornos’ famous last words on newer guitar-led track ‘4 Now’. ‘Can of Worms’ is similarly rock-oriented, with a hollow drum beat leading a heavily distorted melody, while angelicaa ruminates on her mind and modern music with groggy contempt: “when we’re out in the club, we wait for things to suck.”**

Angelicaa’s Can Of Worms EP is out via London’s Cherche Encore on July 29, 2019.