Rui Ho takes apart Rapala700 & Nahshi’s hi-tech noise & hard techno of ‘Talus’ to make something more seductive in a remix

, 14 June 2019

Nahshi & Rapala700 are releasing EP Aera on June 16 via Cairo & London’s ANBA, with preview track of ‘Talus (Rui Ho Remix)’ premiering on AQNB today. The Italian producers also invited remixes by Exploited Body, and Paul Marmota for their EP, which they describe as “a genuine transposition of the music they play out / image they have of club music right now.”

Aera combines hi-tech noise and hard techno with a hardstyle bass distortion played at a slower BPM that’s closer to a dembow beat and yields two tracks ‘Hadze’ and ‘Talus’. Berlin-based producer Rui Ho, takes the latter number and reduces it to its resonant component parts that swagger and sway in a seductive spread of melodic polyrhythm.**

Nahshi & Rapala700’s Aera EP is out via Cairo & London’s ANBA on June 16, 2019.