Revisiting the proto hybrid techno/eco feminist ideas of Californian occultist Cameron in the multidisciplinary art of Margaret Haines

, 3 June 2019

Margaret HainesBattlefield Rex solo exhibition is on at Hasselt’s Krieg in Belgium, running from April 23 to July 2.

Using the visual language of sci-fi, as well as symbolically evocative personal objects, the show draws together years of research by Haines on the life of Los Angeles occultist, poet and artist Marjorie Cameron (1922-1995), known by the mononym Cameron.  

Battlefield ReX also serves as a chapter title from Haines’ forthcoming book on Cameron, On Air: Purity, Corruption and Pollution, to be published in partnership with AQNB in late 2019. In it, Haines recounts Cameron’s first UFO sighting, considering this event to be a cornerstone for “proto hybrid techno/eco feminist” ideas around extraterrestrial life. As Cameron herself stated in a 1995 interview, UFOs “were the elements. They were here to restore paradise to earth. This is the restoration of the elemental powers that are available to the matriarchy.”**

Margaret Haines’ Battlefield ReX solo exhibition is on at Krieg, Hasselt, Belgium from April 23 to July 2, 2019.