Artificial Intelligence & the global financial market resonates with the drowning human voice of Viscount’s ‘Aching In Faith’

, 12 April 2019

Viscount is releasing EP Altcoin via London’s WARE on April 19, with ‘Aching In Faith’ premiering on AQNB today. The project includes producers Waller, Citytronix, Otang, Tal-Bot and WARE collective head Klahrk, and it follows an overarching narrative of “unprecedented intensity in the global financial market.”

The record features track titles like ‘Reverse Engineering’, ‘Schrodinger’s Sky’ and ‘ICO’, and runs along the idea of a malfunctioning libidinal framework that is transactional in nature, while the logical development AI, in the so-called AC (‘alt coin’), circulates. ‘Aching In Faith’, meanwhile, is a grinding atmospheric number that moves through the wavy tones of electronic sound while a pitched and faded human vocal struggles to be heard within it.**

Viscount’s Altcoin EP is out via London’s WARE on April 19, 2019.