Stoners Night LA premieres short horror film ‘Enter The Stabway’ where a lone stoner named ‘Dude’ takes a chance on an edible

, 9 June 2018

Stoners Night LA presents the online premiere of short horror film ‘Enter The Stabway,’ via AQNB today. Directed by artist Jahnny Wobble and produced by Matt Doyle, the story follows a “lone stoner” who takes a chance on a weed ice cream sandwich called It’s Lit then tries to make his way home alone and after dark.

The film was debuted in downtown Los Angeles for the second Stoners Night LA event on April 20 (4/20), which also launched director JAH’s “420-friendly” clothing line and brand, founded in 2016. It shares the same title of group exhibition he curated in 2015 at his now defunct WERK.LA event space and gallery, which was shut down following the Ghost Ship tragedy in Oakland. 

‘Enter the Stabway’ features Ty Lyman as ‘Dude,’ with music by Wolf Eyes, Violence, Patriarchy, Trans FX, Vanilla, Rap Class, Hyacinth Boo, and The Stoners. According to the press release, “absolutely no fake weed” was used on the set of the film.**

‘Enter The Stabway,’ directed by Jahnny Wobble, debuted at Stoners Night LA on April 20, 2018.