All roads lead to the shopping mall in episode 2 of the Somewhere I’ve Never Been radio show on Berlin Community Radio

, 1 July 2017

Steph Kretowicz (aka AQNB editor Jean Kay) presented the second episode of the Somewhere I’ve Never Been series broadcast on Berlin Community Radio on July 4.

The first episode, called ‘Internationalization and standardization’ mix + covering the author’s sonic experiences of Poland and Romania, aired on NTS Radio on May 3. This following one covers pop musical hegemony in the UAE, Oman and Jordan, and will continue to surface across a dispersed network of international radio stations until the end of the year. The series is a mix of dazed and visceral soundscapes, produced by Kimmo Modig, interspersed with a live audio reading by Kretowicz from her recent novel, Somewhere I’ve Never Been co-published by Berlin’s TLTRPreß and London’s Pool

The book explores what the blurb calls “loss and being alone in a self-started journey through the US, Europe and the Middle East.”**