Phantom pregnancies + alien boys in MSL’s ‘Hybrid Children’ screening at Helsinki’s SIC Gallery, May 18 – 25

, 17 May 2017

MSL is screening ‘Hybrid Children’ at Helsinki’s SIC Gallery, opening May 18 and running to May 25.

The event is the second part of a screening series at SIC’s new space, opened next door to the L3 in Jätkäsaari gallery, where Antti Jussila and Jari Kallio of the Finnish performance collective introduce the show with a confusing short text describing and listing a series of pregnancies, as experienced by a ‘mother’ as well as Antti himself. These include the birth of girls and boys in the early 90s, a “healthy (hybrid alien) boy” in 2004 and three miscarriages to follow: 

“…Every single time the pregnancy test would come up positive but further investigation would prove there was nothing there. This normally happened at six weeks pregnant. 

Son (b. 2002):
So you think that has something to do with Antti’s pregnancy?”

See the FB event page for details.**

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