Ebony G Patterson, Thomas J Price, Zadie Xa + the formation of the ‘self’ at Hales Gallery, Mar 30 – May 6

, 29 March 2017

Ebony G Patterson, Thomas J Price + Zadie Xa are presenting a joint exhibition at London’s Hales Gallery, opening March 30 and running to May 6.

The three artists come together to explore questions of cultural identity within an ‘increasingly international’ climate that is also rife with ‘fear of others’ and responds to the notion of belonging. Looking at the intersection of gender, race, class and nationality, the formation of ‘self’ is put into question and the relationship between perception and identity formation is pulled apart.

Working across a diverse range of media including sculpture, video, textiles and photography, each artist shares a similar engagement with material and process and “amalgamate different social and cultural references, fashions and art historical traditions to create new layered, hybrid mythologies that express the multi-faceted nature of identity in the 21st century.”

Price and Xa will also be in conversation at the gallery on April 22 to discuss their practices.

See the Hales website for details.**