Zoe Barcza @ Ghebaly Gallery, Nov 12 – Dec 23

, 11 November 2016

Zoe Barcza is presenting solo exhibition Dr Awkward is on at Los Angeles’ Ghebaly Gallery, opening November 12 and running December 23.

The press release comes with a text written by Alfred Boman, presumably from the perspective of Stockholm-based Canadian artist Barcza, an anxious inner monologue about her work, her background, the medical-industrial complex and the state of the world today. All of which becomes all the more prescient, perhaps, in light of global news in the past week: “Will there be a total war here or what, like w’zup with the politics now and so on… these people, really?”

Barcza has taken part in recent group exhibitions, including New Scenario’s JURASSIC PAINT exhibition online, Basic Instinct at London’s Seventeen Gallery, and Sour Grapes at Helsinki’s Sorbus Gallery. 

See the Ghebaly Gallery website for details.**

Zoe Barcza, 'Clyff II' (2015). Install view. Courtesy Seventeen, London.
Zoe Barcza, ‘Clyff II’ (2015). Install view. Courtesy Seventeen, London.