Alice Theobald @ Two Queens, Oct 7 – Nov 19

, 7 October 2016

Alice Theobald is presenting solo exhibition The Next Step at Leicester’s Two Queens, opening October 7 running through November 19.

The press release includes a short script between a dog, a baby, and two men identified as ‘MAN A’ and ‘MAN B’. The four of them discuss feelings of abandonment and alienation. The title of the exhibition is taken from a new 3D film work produced for the show and centres around a “seemingly aimless sprawling conversation about relationships, aspirations and life decisions as a baby and a dog advance towards the audience”.

The conversation plays with language and image as Theobald explores “conflicted feelings about societal conventions, the repeated cycle of human existence” and the ways that “received wisdom about life, love, death, freedom and personal growth feed back into daily life through depictions in film, television and music”.

Theobald typically works using live performance, video and installation to explore the parallels between stage and life and the discrepancy between expression, appearance and feeling. She often works with a cast of non-professional actors and switches between the role of stage director, choreographer, narrator and performer.

See the Two Queens website for more details.**

Alice Theobald @ Two Queens, Oct 7 - Nov 19