B.YHZZ, Contra EP release, Jul 29

, 28 July 2016

Polish producer B.YHZZ is releasing debut EP, Contra via Infinite Machine on July 29.

It’s a three-track digital release that stylistically draws from other recent Infinite Machine signees, such as WWWINGS, W3C, or Ziúr. Infinite Machines describes the EP to be “situated on the fine line between extreme club and rhythmic noise” and alternating between “tense musique concrète arrangements and all-out cybergrind blasts”.

Contra‘s glitchy sound is reminiscent of processed car alarms, tire skids, and beer can tab pops with low-end drone and “volleys of gut-punching percussion”.

See the Infinite Machine website for more details.**

B.YHZZ, Contra EP release, Jul 29