Fictitious Capital @, Jul 24

, 21 July 2016

The Fictitious Capital symposium is on at London’s on July 24.

The event hosted by the non-profit and artist-run organization focuses on money, capital, and value, while examining the “political, economic and psychological fictions that lie behind the decimation of the artist and community spaces in London”.

Under the framing of Marx, Lacan, and Deleuze’s philosophies, the symposium aims to ask questions related to art under the threats of finance, art in relation to capitalist modes of consumption, and whether or not capital can be used differently in art and beyond.

Participants include artists and writers Dave Beech, Andrew Conio, and Emily Rosamond, as well as economist Anca Carrington,  

See the website for details.**

Fictitious Capital @, Jul 24

Emily Rosamond, ‘Screen shot from’s coin flip page’ (2013-2016), Digital print. Courtesy the artist.