Jude Crilly @ The RYDER Projects, Jul 13 – Jul 17

, 12 July 2016

Jude Crilly is presenting solo exhibition Forecasting at London’s The Ryder Projects, opening July 13 and running to July 17.

The exhibition will address themes related to the magic of technology and its ability to predict trends. A look book described as a PDF animation acts as an “algorithmic spell”, an endless feed looping, creating its own logic. A multi-faced fashionista avatar resides in the gallery, continuously gathering and scanning visual information in the room in order to create a fashion collection.

Using sculpture, video, and sound to explore the “search for meaning in a future not yet materialised, and the mysticism rooted in the technologies that shape our experience”, the artist —as the title of the exhibition suggests —examines forecasting and the process of predicting future trends based on present data.

A soundscape comprised of audio culled from the dark web moves through the exhibition, accentuating the paranoid mood of the installation.

See The RYDER Projects website for details.**

Jude Crilly, ‘Lookbook’ (2016). Digital animation still. Courtesy The RYDER Projects, London.