Babak Ghazi @ Arcadia Missa, Jul 1 – 30

, 1 July 2016

Babak Ghazi is presenting solo exhibition Lifework at London’s Arcadia Missa, opening July 1 and running to July 30.

The dubious title of the show suggests of Ghazi a type of practice that is outlined in an essay, specially commissioned and available at the gallery for the show’s duration by Dr Catherine Grant. A passage comes with the short press release, it reads:

In describing the work, Babak emphasises his interest in various formalised relationships that can both allow mutual expression as well as court subjugation: that of photographer and model, teacher and student, analyst and analysand; which are then layered with the process of organising images as a form of narrative for the participants in the next formalised relationship: that between artwork/artist and viewer.”

Lifework is an ongoing archive of subjective experience made impersonal. Otherwise, the press release gives little away of how the work will be formulated and manifested in space. A Google search reveals a website subtitled ‘Lifework’ with some words scrubbed out and ‘not yet’ placed subtly in the tab.

Ghazi’s work installed in Arcadia Missa will be ready to sift through by the viewer, a comment on the way that the artist’s presentation can appear to find meaning with those who experience it upon encounter, and an apt mirror to a practice that finds its method in behaviour, interpretation, personal freedoms and limitations.

See the Arcadia Missa website for more details.**

Babak Ghazi, 16 (2012). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Raven Row
Babak Ghazi, ’16’ (2012). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Raven Row