Dead Letter Office @ JTT Gallery, Jun 19 – 31

, 17 June 2016

The Dead Letter Office group exhibition is on at New York’s JTT Gallery, opening June 19 and running to June 31.

There is little information on the nature of the exhibition itself, except that it’s organised by artist Anna-Sophie Berger and features work by her self and other artists including Christophe Charon, Feminist Land Art Retreat (FLAR), Matthew LindeLucia Elena Prusa and Min Yoon.

A dead letter is mail that is undeliverable and un-sendable, while a dead letter office is the place that manages it. Berger, meanwhile, is a Vienna-based artist with a background in fashion and installation who more recently took part in the Show Room and Got Tortilla with Butter on Phone group exhibition in London and Paris, respectively, while more recently presenting solo exhibitions Growing Horns in New York and The Eternal Optimist in Munich.

The Sunday opening reception will also be the Pandora book launch.

See the JTT Gallery website for (limited) details.**

Anna Sophie-Berger, 'I admire that sadness (studio)' (2016). Courtesy the artist.
Anna Sophie-Berger, ‘I admire that sadness (studio)’ (2016). Courtesy the artist.