Steven Warwick + Nora Khan @ UnionDocs, Jun 13

, 9 June 2016

Steven Warwick + Nora Khan are presenting Fear Indexing the X-Files at New York’s UnionDocs, June 13.

The artist and producer also known as Heatsick will join writer Khan in presenting their research into some seminal X-Files episodes in relation to 90s internet culture, and paranoia in the “American networked imaginary” during the Clinton era.

Images, clips, and ephemera compiled for a short film in development will be presented, along with the psychological anxieties of the time they appear to represent: “Aliens replaced Communism, and fear of ghosts, and the paranormal prefaced our current Islamophobic climate, with deregulated neoliberalism continually hovering, like an invisible man in the room.”

Eariler this week, Berlin-based Warwick will also be taking part in a conversation around the revived Breadwoman and Other Tales live project with creator Anna Homler and moderated by DeForrest Brown, Jr at New York’s Printed Matter, then DJ-ing at Happyfun Hideaway on June 9.

See the Printed MatterUnionDocs and Happyfun Hideaway website for details on the respective events.**

Steven Warwick, 'Club Nutri' (2016). Detail. Courtesy Exile, Berlin.
Steven Warwick, ‘Club Nutri’ (2016). Detail. Courtesy Exile, Berlin.