Michael Mandiberg + DiMoDA @ Import Projects, May 28 – Jul 2

, 27 May 2016

Michael Mandiberg is presenting Print Wikipedia: from Aachen to Zylinderdruckpresse at Berlin’s Import Projects, opening May 28 to July 2.

The New York-based interdisciplinary artist, scholar, and educator has written software that parses the entirety of free collaborative encyclopaedia German Wikipedia in order to produce book-format volumes of the constantly updating online resource to then be printed-on-demand through lulu.com.

The upload ‘performance’ and installation of selected volumes of the 3,406 produced for the German version of Print Wikipedia will run for approximately 14 days. During this time the gallery will remain open, at the same time as a projection of the lulu.com web browser, a computer with command line updates and a script posting to Twitter @PrintWikipedia will run in a representation of the materialisation of an archive that will be already out 0f date before it’s complete.

Happening concurrently is the “European IRL debut” of Alfredo Salazar-Caro and William James Richard
Robertson’s The Digital Museum of Digital Art (DiMoDA), dedicated to “collecting, interpreting and exhibiting digital art, while expanding the potential artistic projects in virtual reality.” Artists commissioned to present their unique approach to virtual reality are Claudia Hart, Tim Berresheim, AquaNet 2001 (Gibrann Morgado and Salvador Loza) and Jacolby Satterwhite.

See the Import Projects website for details.**

AquaNet 2001 (Gibrann Morgado + Salvador Loza), 'Carson Trump-Palin' (2015). Courtesy the artists.
AquaNet 2001 (Gibrann Morgado + Salvador Loza), ‘Carson Trump-Palin’ (2015). Courtesy the artists.