Rasmus Myrup @ Værelset, May 20 – Jun 5

, 23 May 2016

London-based artist Rasmus Myrup is presenting solo exhibition Not Right Now at Copenhagen’s Værelset gallery, opening May 20 and running June 5.

The press release for Not Right Now features two large paragraphs with barely any punctuation that speculate by collaging together thoughts and “deductive, inductive and abductive reasoning” about what kind of weather there will be on the evening of Friday May 20, as well as what happened on “66.043±0.011 million years ago, somewhere between the beginning of June and the end of July”.

The Danish-born artist whose work with drawing and installation consistently addresses thoughts of deep time recently exhibited at New York’s Interstate Projects, as well as curating group show, Plowing Solids at New Galerie early last year.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Rasmus Myrup, 'Shell with Geometric Markings (After Homo Erectus)', 2015. Courtesy the artist
Rasmus Myrup, ‘Shell with Geometric Markings (After Homo Erectus)’, 2015. Courtesy the artist.