Cory Arcangel @ Lisson Gallery, May 19 – Jul 2

, 16 May 2016

Cory Arcangel will present solo show, currentmood at London’s Lisson Gallery, running May 19 to July 2.

The New York-based artist will install images, all printed the same scale of scans of Ibiza flyers, tracksuits and magazines, default Photoshop image effects, commercial and cell phone photography and low-res screen captures that would, if cropping up on a social media feed, be hashtag-ged with the words ‘currentmood’; a way of illustrating your specific emotional state via an image that is not specific or related to you and your life at all.

While the show runs, Arcangel will also share a series of ads across his social media accounts, promoting the exhibition and in doing so, by using the phrase #currentmood, will continue the work online.

Committed to a democratic practice of open source web culture, the artist is known for thoughts like these:

Arcangel is attentive to collective memories, celebrating their outmoded aesthetics while interrogating their cultural moment. “I’m not taking sides with almost anything… “For me, to see how these things change is my interest” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

See the Lisson Gallery website for more details.**


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