Erika Ceruzzi @ Springsteen, May 14 – Jun 11

, 13 May 2016

Erika Ceruzzi is presenting solo exhibition Laundered Fang at Baltimore’s Springsteen gallery, opening May 14 and running to June 11.

The New York-based artist opens the event announcement with a short paragraph contemplating the “right to collapse” in a state of overload: “To release what is taught. Thread – borne from phantom force. Under this weight the spine is free to torque.”

Ceruzzi has previously taken part in group exhibitions at London’s Rowing, and New Galerie in Paris, while recently exhibiting with Springsteen at this year’s Material Art Fair in Mexico City.

Laundered Fang will be her first solo show with the gallery, where she will present what the press release calls “a corridor where incisions are on view, and objects rest in dormant surge”, in the space between a parking garage and West Franklin Street.

See the Springsteen gallery website for details.**

Erika Ceruzzi, ‘Ribbons (Electrobank)' (2014). Install view. Courtesy Rowing, London.
Erika Ceruzzi, ‘Ribbons (Electrobank)’ (2014). Install view. Courtesy Rowing, London.