Borna Sammak @ American Medium, May 14 – June 12

, 12 May 2016

Borna Sammak is presenting solo exhibition Town Crier at New York’s American Medium, opening May 14 and running to June 12.

There is little information on the exhibition itself expect that it will feature painting and sculpture by the Brooklyn-based artist who is described by writer and performance artist Elspeth Walker as one that “dismantles comprehensible meaning in his sculptures by acknowledging the absurdity of his source material even as his work in part pays homage to it” in Daily Serving.

Sammak’s work, which also includes video and installation, has become known for its playful approach to highly referential and aestheticised pop cultural detritus presented through a sympathetic and sentimental lens.

See the American Medium website for (limited) details.**

Borna Sammak, 'Splash Into Me Yeah' (2014). Courtesy the artist + JTT, New York.
Borna Sammak, ‘Splash Into Me Yeah’ (2014). Courtesy the artist + JTT, New York.