Ry David Bradley @ Evelyn Yard, Apr 28 – May 28

, 26 April 2016

Ry David Bradley has solo show, Unvalley Valley at London’s Evelyn Yard, opening April 28 and running May 28.

The press release talks about the thrill of being seen and performing, gaining an audience versus the fear of total transparency. Melbourne-based Bradley has made a new series of digital portraits that “combines the clichés of 20th century abstraction with WWII techniques for naval camouflage” hiding the subjects that have been imaged on live video app. Periscope, a smart phone software that lets you see the world through other peoples eyes, as they experience it.

In an age where the question around privacy and its privilege is being both desired and contested, for this Bradley will leave the surfaces unfixed and available to manipulate in a parallel editing programme by the viewer in this particular series for Unvalley Valley, which, as a title rhymes somehow with the wave-y painting process Bradley often works with.

See the Evelyn Yard website for more details.**

Ry David Bradley, Where Do You Want To Go Today (2015), installation shot.Courtesy the artist and Brand New Gallery
Ry David Bradley, Where Do You Want To Go Today (2015), installation shot. Courtesy the artist and Brand New Gallery.