Shen Xin @ Chisenhale Gallery, Mar 31

, 30 March 2016

As a part of Chisenhale Gallery‘s 2015-16 programme, 21st Century, London-based artist Shen Xin will present work, ‘Forms Escape: Prologue’ on the evening of March 31.

The artist who is primarily a film and documentary maker, will bring a live presentation that acts as a prologue to a new moving image piece Shen is working on around the practice of Tibetan Buddhism in Europe.

The work and the coming event will look particularly towards the “afflictions of contemporary capitalism’s relationship with power”, and how appropriation, objectification and exploitation exist and work within.

Shen recently organised and showed work in a symposium called Shoulders of Giants which focussed on the mechanisms and politics of power and oppression found inherent within daily life, with contributions from Hannah Black, Esther Leslie, Mark Fisher and Simon O’Sullivan, who each participated via a screen and the avatars of ancient animated creatures of their choice.

See the Chisenhale Gallery website for details.**