Hassan Hajjaj @ The Third Line, Mar 14 – Apr 16

, 14 March 2016

Hassan Hajjaj has a solo exhibition La Salle de Gym des Femmes Arabes at Dubai’s The Third Line, opening March 14 and running April 16.

The show title translates to ‘Gym For Arab Women’ and will contain photographs that have been taken over many years and in many locations of  women —mainly Hajjaj’s friends —dressed as fictional characters wearing various uniforms and athletic gear, with popular brand names pieced together with traditional textiles and shapes –all designed and composed by the artist himself.   

Hajjaj predominantly works with photography as his medium but incorporates elements and references from North African culture, fashion and recycled objects. The images in La Salle de Gym des Femmes Arabes are brought together for the first time in one show.

Whereas the artist has had easy access to fitness clubs for men in Morocco, he has never been inside a women-only sports facility or gym and he uses this as a trajectory to conceptualise such a space.

See The Third Line’s exhibition page for more details**

Hassan Hajjaj, 'Rider' (2010). Courtesy the artist.
Hassan Hajjaj, ‘Rider’ (2010). Courtesy the artist.