Jakup Auce @ DASH, Mar 12 – Apr 10

, 11 March 2016

Jakup Auce has a solo exhibition, It Seems So Long Ago at Kortrijk’s DASH Gallery, opening March 12 and running to April 10.

The Brussels-based artist has shown at Komplot in the past, and Rotterdam’s Cinnamon more recently. His work has touched on portraiture, installation and sculpture, as well as themes of the ‘deep surface’ and realms of the ‘illicit’.

The image/poster to accompany the It Seems So Long Ago announcement has on it a polished, black –maybe lacquer, maybe plastic –fist that is pumping, or hanging, downwards. Next to it, but kind of on a different plane or in a different image space, somehow, is a small framed image of what could be construed as a certain orifice. As an image combination it is both rough and intricately neat.

If the previous show at DASH by Antoine Donzeaud, which aqnb reviewed earlier this year, is anything to go by we are excited to see this feeling–as well as the title’s–manifested in the relatively large shiny-floored Belgium gallery space.

See the DASH Gallery website for (limited) details**

Jakup Auce, 'Oberoy Primate' (2015) courtesy Trampoline and the artist.
Jakup Auce, ‘Oberoy Primate’ (2015) courtesy Trampoline and the artist.