Esperanto @ Rowing, Feb 19 – Mar 19

, 18 February 2016

The Esperanto group exhibition is on at London’s Rowing, opening February 19.

Curated by Rome’s CURA. Magazine and featuring artists Amy Yao, Sean Raspet, Emanuel Rohss, Sean Townley and Zoe Williams, the show is introduced by a text characterising one ‘Mr. Bow’ and his “Food of the World” restaurant chain, also to open in Brussels, Rome, Paris, and New York.

Through the self-reflexive “fiction, which seems more real than reality” following Mr. Bow’s history as an enterprising and corner-cutting restauranteur from a dystopian future with his own Esperanto Restaurants website, there is little information on the nature of the exhibition in terms of objects and materials to be presented beyond “a frame, a screen, a narrative structure” through which a “perception of reality is activated”.

See the Rowing website for details. **

Sean Raspet, 'O=C(OCCC(C)C)C, 2014, isoamyl acetate*' @ Frieze 2014. Courtesy Société, Berlin.
Sean Raspet, ‘O=C(OCCC(C)C)C, 2014, isoamyl acetate*’ @ Frieze 2014. Courtesy Société, Berlin.