Nothing @ Unna Way, Dec 5 – 11

, 5 December 2015

The Nothing group show is on at Huddersfield’s Unna Way, opening December 5 and running to December 11.

The exhibition will be the third for the gallery since their inaugural Its Our Party and We’ll Cry If We Want To, Cry If We Want to, examining art openings as places and times of partying “through our own cruel attachments towards artistic institutional rituals”.

Participating artists in Nothing include Jesse Darling x Takeshi Shiomitsu, Puy SodenHannah Regel, Sarah Boulton, and Rose Goddard among others and explores the comfort we seek and how it might slip through our fingers:

“Do you feel the pull of soft comfort in the folds of those materials that offer optimistic value, that promise that this time it will be just right? What do we labour towards when the potential is often more affective than the completed form…?”

See the Unnaway website for details. **

Tenderhooks, Hannah Regal 2013