Publishing as Process @ Goethe Institut, Nov 18

, 18 November 2015

Goethe Institut launches the second part of their collaborative mini-series with Banner Repeater, titled Publishing as Process and taking place at the London location on November 18 .

The series concentrates on exhibition and publishing in the digital age with a programme of readings and panel discussions addressing how the two fields are effected by the “digitalisation and the distribution channels the internet provides”, including Ché Zara BlomfieldAlessandro LudovicoYuri Pattison, and Ami Clarke from Banner Repeater as a moderator.

Whereas the series’ first event, Institutionalising the Digital, featured a take-over of the Goethe-Institut’s website, Publishing as Process will materialize as a publication for Banner Repeater’s UN-PUBLISH series.

See the event page for details.**

Yuri Pattison, 'Chelyabinsk eBay Extrusion'. Photo by Andy Crouch. Image courtesy the artist.
Yuri Pattison, ‘Chelyabinsk eBay Extrusion’. Photo by Andy Crouch. Image courtesy the artist.