Sam Kenswil @ Room E-10 27, Oct 23 – 31

, 22 October 2015

Samuel Kenswil opens his first exhibition in Paris, titled Dikes and Sills, Chlorophyll and running at Room E-10 27 from October 23 to October 31.

For the show in the residential Paris apartment, the LA artist will create an immersive environment through image, video, sculpture and sound, stemming from “a reading of the late-carbon liberal and their parasitic liaison with the Southern Californian landscape”.

The exhibition attempts to “exacerbate our encounters with natural oddities in an attempt to dissolve calcified relationships”. As Kenswil puts it: “These oddities and expressions lay themselves out like clues to a code to which we hope there’s a crack.”

See theRoom E-10 27 website for details. **