Catfish @ Anat Ebgi Gallery, Sep 11 – Oct 24

, 11 September 2015

Anat Ebgi Gallery is bringing in a new group show titled Catfish, running at their LA space from September 11 to October 24.

The exhibition takes its name from the internet slang “catfish”, referring to a person taking a false identity on social media, and features the works of Petra Cortright, Kate Steciw, Letha Wilson and Margo Wolowiec.

The four contributing artists each explore “means of aggregation and dissemination of banal visual content through arbitrary and abstracted methods” to create videos and digital prints on aluminium and silk (Cortright), handwoven textile photoshopped Instagram compositions (Wolowiec), stock photography-based dibond and plexi works (Steciw), and landscape photography-based C-prints concealed with concrete and steel (Wilson).

See the exhibition page for details. **

Margo Wolowiec, ‘Not This time’ (2015).

 Header image: Petra Cortright, ‘Main Bitch’ (2012). Film still.