Nothing More Than Image @ Space In Between, Aug 1

, 31 July 2015

Space in Between presents a new event with artist Sarah Bayliss titled Nothing More Than Image, taking place at their London location on August 1.

Nothing More Than Image comes as one of the five contributions to Space In Between’s project responding to the 1975 video piece ‘The Eternal Frame’ by two San Francisco-based artist collectives, T.R. Uthco and Ant Farm, which depicted a reenactment of the JFK assassination. The project, titled What it is, is figuring out what it is, is curated by Hannah Barton and, along with Bayliss, will has featured contributions from David Raymond Conroy, Jessie McLaughlin, Tim Steer and Emily LaBarge.

Bayliss’s particular showing is described as “[a]n encounter between screen, media and live/pre-recorded feeds, which mainline the viewer in to the image-video-device that refers to itself to itself to itself, in pursuit of breaking point”.

See the event page for details. **