A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night @ ICA, Jul 1

, 30 June 2015

London’s ICA is showing what maybe the best film of the year as part of their screening series with Iranian vampire-western A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night on July 1 at 6:40pm.

Iranian-American writer and director Ana Lily Amirpour has created an entirely new genre with A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, described alternately as a fantasy, a horror, a western, a feminist revenge flick, and an ode to French New Wave aestheticism.

The black-and-white film is filmed in the fiction industrial Iranian town of Bad City, with sparse Persian dialogue between a Chador-cloaked vampire, an Iranian James Dean lookalike, and the assortment of otherworldly characters that haunt the ghost town, punctuated by the concentrated gazes of a nameless cat, who, Amirpour has said in interviews, is the movie’s true breakout star.

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