White Fungus Issue 14 launch @ Mitte, Jun 13

, 11 June 2015

White Fungus is celebrating the Hong Kong release of its 14th issue this week with a party at Hong Kong’s Mitte, June 13.

The online platform and art magazine has been covering everything from art and music to politics and history since its New Zealand inception almost a decade ago, where it started in, what they call, the spirit of pure anarchy “as a “pseudoanonymous protest against corporate interests”. For its first issues, the publication was produced on a photocopier, wrapped in Christmas paper, and hurled through the entrances of local businesses.

The publication, now based in Taiwan, launches its 14th issue in almost nine years in Hong Kong with a DJ set by performance art, noise and electronic music artist Betty Apple, and copies of their newest issue, which includes interviews with, among others, Kari Altmann and Wang Fujui.

See the event page for details. **