Lisa Holzer @ Rowing Projects, Apr 30 – May 30

, 29 April 2015

Rowing Projects is hosting the newest solo exhibition from artist Lisa Holzer, titled Keep All Your Friends and running at the London space from April 30 to May 30.

For the solo show, Holzer assembles a series of pictures that come as pigment prints on cotton paper, all framed in “exclusive” white varnished frames. The titles of the pieces, borrowed from works by French artist Jean Fautrier, come as things like ‘The Pretty Girl’ and ‘The Man Who Is Unhappy’.

The title of the exhibition, in turn, is borrowed from a song off the collaborative 1975 album by the Houston psychedelic experimental rock group Red Krayola and the conceptual art collective Art & Language titled Corrected Slogans. All other info given about the exhibition is in the form of random monologue-like statements like “It’s hot. Or did it rain? They don’t blush. The partisans puke. Are you? Let them puke!” and “Breakfast? So, how about breakfast? Fine. What will you have? For breakfast. Tell me what you have. It didn’t rain. I’ll fail you too. So please, come!”

See the exhibition page for details. **

Lisa Holzer @ Heathers (2014). Courtesy Rowing.