Wade Shepard’s Ghost Cities of China @ Waterstones, Apr 20

, 20 April 2015

Author Wade Shepard will be celebrating the publication of his book Ghost Cities of China: The story of cities without people in the world’s most populated country at Waterstones bookseller today, April 20.

Ghost Cities of China, released by Zed Books at the beginning of April, explores China’s new urbanization initiative, taking the reader on a tour of the hundreds of new cities in the country that stand empty, and the hundreds more that are in the process of being built. Featuring everything from massive shopping malls to sports stadiums, Shepard’s book takes a look at cultural clash of accelerated urbanization and long-standing tradition—and its resulting debris.

The book echoes sentiment of Andi Schmied and Lawrence Lek‘s book, Jing Jin City, exploring the large-scale luxury development that stopped, as if out of nowhere, leaving a five-star hotel, 3,000 villas, and no occupants. Joining Shepard at Waterstones are fellow authors Owen Hatherley (A Guide to The New Ruins of Great Britain) and Paul French (North Korea: State of Paranoia and Midnight in Peking).

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