ECOCIDE @ Rye Lane Studios, Mar 10

, 10 March 2015

Artists Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan Anderson are joining forces again with ECOCIDE, a sound and video art showcase of queer artists taking place at Rye Lane Studios on March 10.

The two are putting together the programme alongside their recently launched Arcadia Missa show, based on their 2014 @Gaybar project and titled TIFKAS (running at the gallery from March 5 to April 4).

Inspired by Sarah Schulman‘s description of ‘ecocide’ in Gentrification of The Mind as “a certain urban ecology of queer sub-cultural existence that has been wiped out, both through AIDS and gentrification”, their March 10 event brings some of the same names as TIFKAS, as well as Schulman herself, together with Jim Hubbard, Sam Kenswil, and Claire Kurylowski as well as ten or so other artists.

See the FB event page for details. **